Welcome To Sajjanpur

Welcome To Sajjanpur is a talented director Shyam Benegal’s contemporary flick. He is a director who basically did not experiment with comedy but for the first time he has deal with a subject which is new for him. Through the film, he has lifted up some vital issues of any backward village of India. He shows the actual scenario of any contemporary villages and successfully portrayed the mentality of the illiterate villagers. Through the characters and the incidents, he has depicted reality. The film will introduce you with the hard truth. Welcome To Sajjanpur is a character driven subject that makes you acquaint with the bitter truth of life. 

The film lacks glamour and glitz and mainly simple in depiction. The plot line is very strong and basically speaks reality. Shyam Benegal is a gifted filmmaker who tells story in his own unique style, he usually deals with subject that is close to life and Welcome To Sajjanpur also falls in the same category. No heavy loaded dialogue is used and simplicity is its trademark. It is a thought-provoking serious cinema as well as a light entertainer. One drawback lies with the film is that in this modern world of pizzas and pubs, today’s generation will not get along with it. They will find hard to relate with the film even it introduces them with the sections of people which belong to the same world of peace and war.

The film is totally driven by the character named Mahadev (Shreyas Talpade). It tells the story of Mahadev who is a letter reader, working in a village post-office. He is a blessing for those villagers who do not no reading and writing and totally depend upon Mahadev to inform them about the well-being of their dear ones. It tells the story of his childhood sweetheart Kamla, played by Amrita Rao who is married to someone else. It shows the agitation of the villagers when a young man falls for a widow and desires to marry her.
In Sajjanpur only few people are educated and among them is Mahadev. Education is the only strong weapon of Mahadev and he wants to bring revolution in the village by lighting up a lamp of education in their mind. He in all ways tries to remove the tension of the villagers and performs work for their betterment. To eradicate the tensions of the people, he reads out their letter and informs about their well-wishers. To bring smile on their face, he sometimes manipulate their letters.
To bring revolution in the village that is still dominated by superstition, torture on widows, mistreatment by local politicians has been next to impossible. It is a village which in spite of having electricity remains in the dark for 22 hours due to load shedding. Under such scenario, how much a single person can do, it becomes quite tough for a single person to bring any drastic change. But at the end everything falls in place.

Speaking about the performances, Shreyas shines throughout. The responsibility of the film totally bestows on his shoulder. He is the main protagonist and others characters revolve around him. He played his part effectively or in others words we can say that he has done full justice to his character. The Vivah actress Amrita Rao is remarkable. Ila Arun is an experienced actor and she is fine in her part. Yashpal Sharma, Ravi Kissen, Divya Dutta and Rajeshwari Sachdev as supporting casts played their part well.

Camera work is proficient. Dialogue is interesting and dialect is synchronized with the character and the flick. Songs are not so effective. The director can do without songs too.

In a nutshell, Welcome To Sajjanpur is worth watching through boring factor may strike the mind of the audience. The characters tried to keep the flow of the film going. Its box office collection may not be too promising but the film deserves appreciation.