We Are Family

We Are Family’s film is said to be larger than life. His film includes every ingredients of life. ‘’ is also high on emotions and humor. The film has some interesting scenes that grab the interest of the audience. Starting from the promos to the whole picture, everything is so beautifully executed that one can’t take their eyes and mind from the film. He makes his character looks beautiful and also extracts the best from them. The characters of his film are top-grade in style and substance.

’ speaks about two women in an extraordinary situation. Two women comesin the life of a man in different stage of life. They can't stand each other but finally, a situation arrives when one has to give her most precious possession to the woman whom she can’t tolerate at all. Adapted from famous Hollywood blockbuster ‘Stepmom’, the Indian version is no way less than the western version. Dharma Productions film are high in content and never passes away without creating an impression in audience mind. Same is true for ‘’. Kajol in the role of Susan Sarandon and Kareena Kapoor as Julia Roberts rocks.

Maya (Kajol) and Shreya (Kareena Kapoor) are two different women. Maya is a perfect mother. Her world is her three children Aleya (Aanchal Munjal), Ankush (Nominath Ginsberg) and Anjali (Diya Sonecha). Her day starts and ends with them. Maya separated from her husband Aman () but she ensures that her children never feels the need of a father and she feels up the vacant space of Aman.

Everything was running smoothly until Shreya came into the picture. Shreya was exactly opposite to Maya. Shreya is a career oriented woman. But circumstances brought Shreya, Maya and Arjun under one roof. Maya was diagnosed with a dreaded disease and Shreya became Maya’s helping hand. She takes the place of Maya and helps to manage her home and the three children. At first, the children did not accept their second mom and called her witch but slowly things changed and everything fall in place.

Director Siddharth P Malhotra showed his excellence in picturising some scene. For instances, Maya’s dealing with her children, Maya and Shreya’s heated argument, how Maya struggles with her disease within herself and how he faces her end was beautifully projected.

Mohanan's cinematography is striking and the exotic locales of Australia is eye-catching. Niranjan Iyengar's dialogue is real and very catchy. The background score by Raju Singh is top-notch. What disappoints is the music of the film. This time Shankar-Eshaan-Loy fails to impress his audience. Such poor music is not expected from Dharma production and it was highly disappointing.

Speaking about performances, versatile Kajol once again proved that she is undefeatable. Her facial expressions, emotions seem very real. She has well performed the sad phase in the movie. Kareena Kapoor was equally powerful. She very well matched up to Kajol’s prowess. was equally promising. He portrayed his character with efficient.

In the nutshell, ‘’ is an interesting subject which is something to be enjoyed with family. Two beautiful and extremely talented actresses and a handsome dude scorch the silver screen. Worth watching.