Wajahh-A Reason To Kill - Movie Preview

Adhikari Brothers - chairmen of SAB TV and well-known names in the small screen industry have now turned towards the Bollywood big screen. Gautam Adhikari, the elder brother, directs this suspense thriller produced by Makrand Adhikari.

Dr. Aditya Bhargava (Arbaaz Khan) is one of the well-known Neurosurgeons and deeply in love with his extremely beautiful wife Trishna (Gracy Singh). Being a successful doctor, he is always preoccupied with work because of which he cannot spend much time with his wife. This leads to a tense atmosphere at home. Infact, Dr. Aditya has a very unpredictable nature. No one knows what will he exactly do the next minute. He could be soft and the next moment, he could be violent...!

For the past few days, Trishna dreams of someone trying to kill her brutally. She cannot explain this to Aditya because she is aware that he will not believe her. One night when Aditya and Trishna are in their bedroom, someone breaks their window glass with a stone. They run to the door in anger and are shocked to read - I CAN'T SEE THIS - written in blood on the floor. Trishna is shocked at the incident.

Even before Trishna could come out of this shock, Raj, a common friend of Aditya and Trishna who knows palm reading predicts that she will be murdered by her own husband Aditya. Hearing this, a huge hurricane comes into Trishna's life.

Now she starts believing that her nightmare is going to come true and Aditya will kill her. She is extremely scared of Aditya. Her friends try to explain her that Aditya loves her more than he loves himself, so believing in what Raj said is baseless. But Trishna has no explanation to this, herself. She is helpless. All she has is a nightmare and the fear of death…!

Meanwile, Ishita Singhania (Shamita Shetty), a former patient of Dr. Aditya returns from abroad. She had gone abroad for her treatment as prescribed by Aditya. Ishita loves Dr. Aditya madly and is totally crazy about him. She starts meeting Aditya on a regular basis, which Trishna cannot accept. Trishna asks Aditya about their relationship to which Aditya confirms that Ishita is only a patient to him and nothing else.

In spite of Trishna being uncomfortable with their relationship, Aditya continues meeting Ishita. One day, when Trishna and Sonia, her friend, are sitting at home, someone tries to attack Trishna. But Sonia loses her life. Inspector Bholenath, who is investigating the case, suspects Aditya.

Suspense and edge of the seat incidents force one to think if Ishita would be the reason behind Trishna's death.

What will be the end of Trishna's fear?
Of the violent attacks on her?
Do predictions come true?
Will Trishna be murdered?
Will Ishita be the reason of Trishna's death?

That summarizes the plot of Wajahh - A Reason To Kill.

The film also stars Zulfi Syed, Sudesh Berry, Satish Kaushik, Vijayendra Ghatge, Zahid Ali and Akruti Mistry. Anand Raj Anand has composed the music of the film, which also has a bhangra track by Daler Mehndi who also puts in a special appearance in the film.

The film releases on October 22.