VeerCannons, warriors, huge battlefields, swords, ‘’ is a magnum opus that is gigantic in terms of presentation. For the first time, has penned down a script but appeared little naïve. It seems his writing is inspired from Hollywood blockbusters, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Troy’; the script also leaves an impression of Hindi cinema Dharam , Rajput and Raj Tilak. Taking an inspiration from any film is not a fault but the proper implementation of the same is more important. 

Much hype surrounded ‘
’ but the movie at times prove bore. The love story deviates the story from the main theme of the film. The story of ‘’ speaks about rivalry, love and revenge. Battlefield, war and bloodshed are also showcased in a pleasing way. Director Anil Sharma in the past has dealt with broader subject but pulling a periodic subject is not a matter of joke and this time, he has poorly handled the script.

’ speaks about Pindari community that is not ready to bow before the British and decided to fight for their honor till the last. Prithvi Singh (Mithun Chakraborty) is the head of the Pindari community who were once betrayed by the Raja of Madhavgarh (Jackie Shroff). Prithvi’s son () rebel against the Raja and not ready to give to their wish as well as the British in any way. For the sake of his community and to fight against the British, headed to London with his younger brother Punya (Sohail Khan) to get some knowledge in English language as it will help to take revenge over their enemy.

It was at the university campus that
for the first time fell for Yashodhara (), daughter of their enemy group, Raja of Madhavgarh. It was a love at first sight. Their love blooms and it combines the two young hearts of rebel groups. Soon princess Yashodhara took over the charge of her dynasty and had to face the rebellion of the Pindar community headed by .

What happens when two lovers had to face revolt? How
gets the love of Yashodhara and won over Madhavgarh and the British forms the rest of the story.

Action director Tinu Verma has done a creditable job but at some stunt sequences, his trick gets revealed. Cinematographer Gopal Shah’s camera angle, capture of the action and battle sequences are praiseworthy. Sanjay Dhabade’s art direction and Anna Singh’s costume designs are not so appealing, they are like usual stuff. Sajid Wajid’s musical score is ear soothing. Screenplay by
was not so promising (Its ok, this is his first attempt).

Speaking about performances, lot of burden was on
’s shoulder. He needs to look and act perfectly. He has to look and acts like a brave warrior but his performance was mediocre. Mithun Chakraborty and Jackie Shroff was at their best, Sohail Khan gets a little space to act. ’s acting and gesture was a replica of Katrina Kaif and adding to the woe was that the same dubbing artist that of Kat was used.
On the whole, ‘
’ doesn’t give you an extraordinary feeling but it is watchable. Box office collection will not be much fruitful. Year’s biggest opening proves a disaster.