Rensil D'Silva has directed the movie ‘Ungli’. Rensil is well known for his flop film ‘Kurbaan’ that released in the year 2009. However this time he has tried to do something else with the film ‘Ungli’. The film is on relevant social issues and gives a strong message. It is the story of the aam admi standing up against the corrupt system. The fans of Emraan Hashmi will be delighted as he returns to the silver screen after some time, in this film. Karan Johar has produced the film under the prestigious banner of Dharma Productions. The soundtrack of the film was released on 10th November and two of its songs, ‘Pakeeza’ and ‘Dance Basanti’ became instant hits. The film released on 28th November and now it is time to find out how the film turned up.


Emraan Hashmi plays the role of Nikhil, a police man who is also a part of the Ungli gang. Sanjay Dutt is back in action in the movie as the ACP Kale. Kangana Ranaut plays the role of Maya, another member of the Ungli gang. The leader of the Ungli gang is played convincingly by Randeep Hooda. Neha Dhupia plays the role of the love interest of Randeep Hooda in the film. The other significant names in the cast of the film are Angad Bedi, Neil Bhoopalam and Arunoday Singh.


It is the story of four friends who decide to fight against the corrupted system and starts punishing the corrupt bureaucrats, police and other social evils by disgracing them in a comic way. They punishes the auto drivers who refuse to travel short distances, bribe taking traffic police, head of RTO and even the head of BMC. As this group of masked vigilante gathers popularity among the masses they are named the ‘Ungli’ group since they always keep on fingering the corrupt and the evil. An alarmed police force employs the services of strict cop ACP Kale to bring down the group. On Kale’s instructions Nikhil (Emraan) a street smart cop infiltrates the Ungli group and wins their trust. However, Emraan later gets torn between whether his loyalty lies with the group or the police forces.


The soundtrack of the movie is good. Emraan Hashmi puts up a good performance and gets to do a kissing scene again. Randeep Hooda is convincing and good in portraying his role. The few comic sequences and the scenes where the Ungli gang members are seen bonding with each other are truly enjoyable.  


The plot of the film doesn’t have a clue. It creates hard to believe situations. The second half of the film is too slow and is highly predictable. Other than Emraan and Randeep Hooda most of the actors in the film doesn’t have a scope to act in the flick.

Verdict The movie has its fair share of pitfalls but it is entertaining in a way if you can shut down your thinking brain and enter the theatre with zero expectation. It is good for a single view, especially as nothing else is running at the theatres.