Toh Baat Pakki

Toh Baat Pakki is a light entertaining family drama. The story line is purely clean and moves on very smoothly. The script is not unusual and the incidents coincide with many family. It is an effort of an elder sister to get her younger sister married to a well esTabulished and gentle guy. When the sister wants to select the best of all the best, problems started to brew up. 

Everything is ok with the film but it seems like half baked and the soul is missing. Sometimes the film will keep you hooked throughout but sometimes loose the tempo, the moment you step out of the cinema hall, you will forget that you have got some entertainment dosage for three hours. The film has an essence of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjeee and Priyadarshan’s movies but could not pick up the exact spirit, a simple story told in a simplistic manner.

The comic timing is good but sometimes it fall flat. Everything was going well but suddenly the story lost its direction and grip.

The story encircles around five characters, Rajeshwari (Tabu), Vinay (Ayub Khan), Nisha (Yuvika Choudhury), Rahul (Sharman Joshi) and Yuvraaj (Vatshal Seth). Rajeshwari gets married to Vinay and they happily live in Panchgani. Rajeshwari always try to get perfect groom for her younger sister Nisha and that too within Saxena community. But Rajeshwari is dead against dowry system and wanted a guy for her sister who is also not in favor of dowry system.

Finally, her hunts stop with Rahul. He is a boy from Saxena community and studying engineering and has a promising future prospect. On looking at the good future prospect of Rahul, Rajeshwari allowed her to stay as a paying guest in her house. Rajeshwari also called her sister to Panchgani as her aim was to introduce Nisha to Rahul. Finally her plan was implemented. Slowly the two hearts came together and they agreed to tie the knot and become life partner.

Everything was going fine until Yuvraaj came into the scene. He lands into Rajeshwari’s house and he too was a Saxena. He is in much better position than Rahul. He is holding a good job and looking forward to shift to his new bungalow. Rajeshwari finds Yuvraaj more suitable for his sister than Rahul and things takes a bizarre turn when Rajeshwari tied to break Nisha and Rahul’s relationship.

Nisha who is a very ideal sister and follows every order of her elder sister revolts when Rajeshwari tried to break her relationship with Rahul and asked her to marry Yuvraaj.

But at the end everything comes into the right track.

Kedarh Shinde’s director is not flawless all the time. Sometimes he moves off the track. This time Pritam’s music could not score good marks. The music is mediocre. Dialogues are not too catchy all the time.

Speaking about the performances, Tabu is a treat to watch. Her acting was the attraction of the film. She was as usual at her best. She ruled throughout. Yuvika Choudhury gets a little scope to show her acting talent. Sharman Joshi was fine. Vatshal Seth did not get scope. Ayub Khan was almost unnoticed. Himani Shivpuri and Suhasini Mulay and Upasna Singh are as usual.

On the whole, Toh Baat Pakki does not have an extraordinary factor to keep the audience hooked. It is like any ordinary movie. Though it is a family-friends picture, they will not get satisfaction on watching it. The movie is ranked below average.

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