The Train

The Train is a copy of Hollywood flick ‘Derailed’, the script is not very innovative and even the screenplay is a verbatim copy of the English film but nonetheless the twists and turns in the thriller portions are average and manage to hold one’s interest for a while. The Train is a film that almost seems to be lifted from an English film and merely translated into Hindi. The storyline, script and screenplay including the characters have not been fine tuned to suit Indian audiences tastes. The film revolves around an extra-marital affair which then turns into a thriller with blackmail, rape and a murder mystery following. The parallel plots running alongside are interesting at some points but after a while they lose steam. The film opening with a premiere at Iifa in Yorkshire may however be a good idea for promoting the film. The performance by Emraan Hashmi is average but the actresses deliver lackluster performances and hence the film turns out to be just average.

The film has been produced by Narendra Bajaj and directed by Raksha and Hasnain. It stars Emraan Hashmi as Vishal Dixit, Geeta Basra as Roma and newcomer Sayali Baghat as Anjali. The music has been composed by Mithoon.

Vishal (Emraan) is married to Anjali (Sayali) and they are settled in Bangkok. He is a middle class guy who works in Bangkok and the couple even has a five year old daughter, Nikki. Their marriage was a happy one until various problems started developing cracks within it. Vishal is trying to save up money for the treatment of his sick daughter. Apart from the pressure of working hard, boredom too sets in within their marriage and Vishal is drawing away from his wife. At the same time Vishal meets Roma (Geeta) on the train while he is on his way to work. There is an instant attraction between Vishal and Roma. Vishal learns that Roma too is married but she is lonely and unhappy. Vishal loves his wife but the attraction is drawing him towards Roma and he finally decides to give into temptation.

However now that Roma and Vishal have decided to have an affair, a new course of events take place. Suddenly there is another person who knows about their clandestine affair and is blackmailing Vishal for money. And the affair only seems to turn into a further nightmare when rape and murder become a part of the plot. Who is the blackmailer and who is the murderer? Will Vishal’s marriage fall apart completely? What about Roma’s marriage?

Directors Raksha and Hasnain manage to engage one for a while with the thriller aspect when the blackmailing and murder takes place. However the suspense only lasts for a while as audiences are soon able to guess the answers and direction that the film is heading towards. The extra-marital affair is not a novel concept especially with Emraan Hashmi at the helm of things. Although the screenplay has several sequences which are a copy of the English original, the execution seems pretty average and the build up of events is interesting. The change from an extra-marital affair to a suspense thriller is a good move however the suspense should have been maintained till the end. The parallel plots of the husband-wife relationship, the blackmail, the murder, rape etc helps the narrative move forth at a brisk pace.

However there are certain portions which seem unconvincing like the blackmailing portion and others. Also since there are so many sub-plots, none of the angles are explored in depth but are dealt with in a hurried manner. The climax too does not come as a surprise. Overall the film has not been scripted well but instead everything is just thrown in together to make a juicy, masala film with all the works. The music of the film though by Mithoon is fairly good and the song ‘Woh Ajnabe’ is foot tapping and peppy. The cinematography is fare but nothing to rave about. Performances range from fare to below average.

Emraan Hashmi has done the same extra-marital kind of roles several times and hence he delivers a fare performance. Unfortunately though both the actresses are a disappointment. Geeta Basra’s look is over the top and neither is her acting satisfactory. Newcomer Sayali Bhagat looks fine but needs to work hard on her performance. The rest of the actors are fare.

In spite of several glitches like a poor script and screenplay with various loopholes the film comes across as average due to the execution. At the box-office, Emraan Hashmi fans may help the film to make an average mark.