TashanYashraj had adopted a good strategy by keeping the promotion of the film to the minimal because is such a horrible flick that if they would have widely publicize it, the theatres would definitely remain vacant. The anticipation had dragged the cine-goers to the theatre. is Yashraj’s fourth disaster after Tara Rum Pum, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. The entire idea was confusing and the script directed nowhere. The makers itself do not know what message they are conveying and to whom. The stars are just wasted. The concept is bogus and one did not except such a disaster from a big banner like Yashraj.

The story rotates around four characters. The first unique character is Bhaiyaji () who is a don and involves in all sorts of notorious activities from robbery to murder. He has a great fascination for English and talk in Hinglish. He earned lots of money through robbing and killing.  The second distinctive character is Jimmy () who works in a call centre and teaches English to Bhaiyaji. He is a normal human being and many a times becomes confused hearing Bhaiyaji’s unsual talk. The third interesting character is Puja (Kareena Kapoor) who works for Bhaiyaji and bound to adore him as her father owed huge money to him and had to work under him to clear her father’s debt. The last peculiar character is Bachchan () who comes all the way from Banaras to work under Bhaiyaji.

Problem starts when Puja falls in love with Jimmy and run with Rs 25 crore of Bhaiyaji. But she cheated Jimmy too and alone run with all the money. At that crucial time, Bachchan came to Bhaiyaji to serve him. Bachchan and Jimmy were sent to search Puja and at last they found her. Puja planned with Jimmy and lured Bachchan to get away from Bhaiyaji. She played love games with Bachchan but really falls in love with him when she came to know that Bachchan is her childhood love. When Bhaiyaji came to know about their love affair, he became furious as he also wanted to marry Puja. And then there started a tussle among them.

The subject is so confusing that debutant director Vijay Krishna Acharya should be advised to come forward and explain to the viewers what exactly his film tries to convey. lacked in many departments. Script of any film is an integral part and had scored zero in that branch. Vijay Acharya had committed a blunder by directing a weak script. This is his first film and he had marked a big question mark on his career. Vishal-Shekhar’s music is awful. They are an experienced music composer but composed naïve music. It has no grill, no thrill but totally flat. Cinematography is credible. The locales are eye-catching. Dialogues are good at some places and dreary at many places.

At last, Kareena had unveiled the bikini rumor and she looked stunning in two-piece swim suit. Her zero size figure was quite revealing. Her acting was up to the mark and as usual she had played her part well. Saif and Kareena started their real life love story on the set of but failed to create any sizzling combination on-screen. Saif was seen on the first half but almost lost on the second half. His biggest mistake was his acceptance of the role. Hope, may not overshadow Race. The man who had stolen the entire limelight is . His is remarkable and he is the only factor who had compelled the audience to stick to their seat.   is good but his hotchpotch of English and Hindi language is very irritating and cannot be decoded most of the time.                             
On the whole,
is not worth watching and not at all a paisa wasool film, instead, people should be paid for viewing such an awful film. The film has no concept and no soul. It is only hyped because of Saif-Kareena’s affair and Kareena in bikini. Yashraj had burnt their fingers by producing such a terrible project. Despite popular cast, will be badly beaten at the box office.