Finally, the wait is over and Reema Kagti who is making news for quite a while for her second product, a thriller titled ‘Talaash’ is at the cinema hall for the audience. ‘Talaash’ is one of the biggest releases of 2012. This is the only release of Aamir Khan this year as the entire year he was busy with his TV commitment, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and hence the excitement and the thrill is a thing to watch. A suspense thriller is always an interesting product to be watched.

From the word go, the film catches the interest of the audience. They hooked to their seat for two and a half hours without losing interest. When the film unfolds, it looks bit confusing and hazy in the beginning. But as the story moves forward things gets apparent. ‘Talaash’ is a complete package of thrill and suspense.  Reema Kagti has taken care of minute details and as the mystery unfolds gradually, you will be shocked to know the truth.

The movie kick starts with a car accident. A simple car accident of a reigning superstar turns into a complex mystery. The beauty of ‘Talaash’ is that if gives several hints of the culprit but you dare to pick. ‘Talaash’ is a gripping thriller and the makers have been successful to give the audience a smart and tricky product. ‘Talaash’ also shows the dark side of Mumbai which lies behind the glitz and glamor of the city.

The movie opens with a car accident of actor Armaan (Vivan Bhatena) and the administration gave the responsibility to crack the murder mystery to inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan). While investigating, Surjan found that many hidden facts lying behind the murder.

Running parallel to the murder story is inspector Shekhawat’s own story. He suffers from insomnia where his pasts haunt him. Surjan and his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) lost their only child in an accident. Since then Surjan and his wife hardly communicates. To forget the incident, Surjan involves himself into work and he works day and night while Roshni undergoes therapy to accept the reality.

While investigating comes to the picture, a sex worker Rosie (Kareena Kapoor) who might have the missing link of the murder mystery.

Speaking about performances, though the script is the king, Aamir Khan has again given a flawless performance. He kept a right balance of a dedicated cop and a devastated father. He performed brilliantly. Rani Mukherjee as a distressed mother and a dutiful wife played well. Kareena in the role of a prostitute rocked. She performed remarkably well. She looks beautiful. Last but not the least is Nawazuddin Siddiqui, he performed remarkably well.

Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar have written a spellbinding story. The positive point of the story is that it justifies thrilling element. The audience hooked to their seat and kept guessing till the end and when the truth revealed, it takes their breathe.

Anand Subaya's editing is perfect and the cinematography is worth praising. It brilliantly captures the red-light areas of Mumbai.

In the nutshell, ‘Talaash’ is an interesting thriller. The script is power-packed and performances are mind-blowing. It is perfect watch and a total paisa wasool.