Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen is an extremely sensitive and touching film. It has a noteworthy script with a screenplay that is intelligent, commercial and entertaining. The film has been executed with a rare finesse. Taare Zameen Par is a film about the problems a dyslexic child faces, his relationship with his parents, teachers and friends. Through the film one also manages to find methods to deal with these children. It is a film which is truly an emotional and enriching experience. The script is sensitive, spontaneous and witty, but yet manages to communicate the essence of the problem with utmost clarity and ease to audiences. The message from the film also grips the viewer and leaves its mark for a long time to come. Performances by all the actors, including the lead child actor Darsheel Safary is exceptional. Taare Zameen Par is an outstanding film that will stir your emotions and is definitely worth watching.

Taare Zameen Par has been produced and directed by Aamir. The story has been written by creative director Amol Gupte. It stars Aamir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh, Darsheel Safary as Ishaan, Tisca Chopra as Mrs. Awasthi, Vipin Sharma as Mr. Awasthi etc. The music has been composed by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.

Ishaan is a young, restless and energetic eight year old boy. However his parents and teachers at school consider him a problem child who is naughty and always seems to be getting into trouble. Ishaan loves to paint and is fascinated with colours, day dreaming, and pondering about little mundane things. However his parents and teachers are fed up with his lack of interest in his studies and his mischievous nature. Thinking that he needs discipline and direction, they pack him off to a boarding school. However Ishaan only retreats into a shell after this as he is separated from his family.

An art teacher, Sir Ram Shankar Nikumbh at the school breaks the norm of teaching and encourages thinking and spontaneity amongst kids. He takes a deep and personal interest in Ishaan when he realises that the child is disturbed. He even tries to bring him out of his shell, but to no avail. Finally Nikumbh realises that Ishaan is one of those children who suffer from dyslexia, a learning disorder. He then tries to help Ishaan and his parents deal with their problem.

Taare Zameen Par has an extremely intelligent and sensitive script. It deals with the subject of dyslexic children and their problems in an extremely sensitive and moving manner. The screenplay too is handled with a fine maturity; it has emotional as well as playful moments that manage to touch a chord. Aamir Khan's execution as a director is first-rate and he does complete justice to the script. He executes several scenes with a rare insight and adeptness. The film brings to fore the true problems that many children who suffer from dyslexia face and it also adopts methods by which many age old practises can be changed.

The film also has a highly emotional climax that is bound to leave the audiences spellbound and with a moist eye. The relationship between Ishaan and his mother also manages to strike a chord. It is an enjoyable and enlightning film for children as well as adults as it caters to both sections. The film does not come across as preachy, but delivers its message with confident subtlety. The music of the film fits in well with the mood and situations in the film. The lyrics of most of the songs are expressive and emotional. Dialogues too are first-rate and leave an indelible mark of remembrance. Cinematography is splendid and the look of the film is fresh and inspiring. The animation is entertaining and engaging.

Performances are brilliant with child artiste Darsheel Safary stealing the limelight. He performs his role with a natural flair and he is simply first-rate. Aamir Khan too as an actor gives a mature and fine performance. Tisca Chopra delivers a wonderful and emotional performance. The rest of the kids in the film too deliver a good performance

Overall Taare Zameen Par is a film that has the rare beautiful combination of a wonderful script merged with a supremely confident screenplay. Moreover the brilliant execution and noteworthy performances enhance the film further. The film no doubt caters to a more mature audience; nonetheless the film should do well simply through sheer word of mouth and praise. At the box-office, Taare Zameen Par will definitely have its fair share of takers. An exceptional film that is a must watch for all parents and children.

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