Summer 2007

Summer 2007 is another debacle of the year 2008. It was an important and a debut project of many actors as their journey into filmdom begins with it. As ill luck would have stuck, the film falls short in many aspects and the result proved fatal. The new faces of Bollywood has done a great job but what one could do when the script itself fail to show its charisma.

It opens up nicely but lost in the second half. The film has been directed nowhere and the message that it tried to convey was very confusing and went above the head of the audience. Is it a politically influenced story, whether it is a college story or it tells the story of the plight of the farmers or is it depicting the attitude of the urban? The prime issue itself is confusing. The scriptwriter has picked up all those points into bits and pieces but failed to join them together in a meaningful way at the end and the result proved a disaster. The director has stretched the film longer without any rhyme and reason.

Summers 2007 tells that story of five medical students (Sikander, Gul Panag, Arjan Bajwa, Alekh Sangal and Uvika) who has seen and experienced only the colorful sight of life and have least idea about the fact that life is also filled up with hardships, problems and agony. They only get to see the other facet of life when they happen to escape from the student’s election of their college and landed up in one of the most deprived villages in Maharashtra. There they get to experience and face the dark side of terror and nasty politics. Knowingly or unknowingly, they roped themselves in the dirty village politics and bloodshed. The five had undergone with different kinds of trauma and found themselves in deep dilemma. They do not know what shall they do, whether they run away leaving the villagers in trouble or they get involve in the dark game of terror and solve the issue.

The intention of the maker was noble, they had uplifted a strong issue to make the youth aware of the present circumstances of the society but weakly handling of the script and a bit poor projection of the story has made the makers and the stars see the face of failure. The story stretched so long without any specific direction that people began to feel like stepping out of the theatre.  

Performances of both experienced and inexperienced actors are topnotch. Ashutosh Rana , Vikram Gokhale and Prosshant Narayan have played their part as usual exceptional. Though script was poor but they on their part showed their prowess in enacting any poor script with efficiency. Sikander Kher’s acting make one feel that he is the star of tomorrow. Gul Panag is ok. Yuvika has a good screen presence and at the same time she also acted well. Alekh Sangal is fine. Shweta Menon has made her presence felt.

On the whole, like Rang De Basanti has tried to bring revolution in the society through the youth of the country but failed in its endeavor. The film lacked in many departments in spite of a noble concept. The excessive length of the film is another reason of its downfall. The hard truth is that the film will not be able to show any impressive result at the box office.