striker is a Mumbai centric film, devoid of glitz and glamour. It encircles around the hero of the film, the idea of the film was noble but not attractable to the mass. The hero Siddharth returns four years post the release of ‘Rang De Basanti’ and he was almost faded from the memory of the people. The film proves that Siddharth does not have the power to pull a film all by himself. Director Chandan Arora who directed films like ‘Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahati Hoon’ and ‘Main Meri Patni or Woh’ generally deals with subjects that are away from the trend.

In most of the flicks, we have seen that filmmaker deals with subject like hockey, football or cricket but carom is a game rarely gets space in films. Director Chandan Arora has made the particular game an issue for his film. The intension of the story is good but some stories require extra potential to convert it into filming. The story is not such that you will hook to it. The story seems to be never ending and more a passable one than entertaining.

The story speaks about a guy named Surya (Siddharth) who has an extreme talent in playing carom. His childhood was very panic and he had to leave school under serious circumstances at a very early stage. It was Surya’s brother Chandrakant (Anup Soni) who taught him the technique of the game. Surya shines as a carom player but he had to leave the game and search for job to earn money for his family. Poor Surya lives in a very unhealthy environment in Malwani where his talent never gets reorganization. But soon Surya caught in a trap. He was promised to send to Dubai for job but nothing happened such. Instead, his life became a hell with the atyachar of the local gunda Jaleel Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) who runs gambling rackets in Malwani, the place where Surya resides.
Surya resists his temptation to enter in the dark world of gambling but finally he encounters with Jaleel and finally he used his talent to earn some money but ends up with destruction and violence. He now plays the game for gambling. In this situation, Noorie (Nicolette Bird) comes into Surya’s life.

Chandan Arora’s screenplay was not up-to-the-mark. The music by eight music composers is ear- soothing. P.S. Vinod's cinematography is effective.

Siddharth’s acting was superb. Aditya Pancholi played his part well. Anupam Kher was ok. Padma Priya’s acting looks convinced. Ankur Vikal does well. Seema Biswas gets into the skin of the character. Vidya Malvade gets little scope to act. Anoop Soni is perfect. Nicolette Bird was just ok.

On the whole,
is a script that is less gripping and it fails to hold the attention of the audience.