ShauryaThough set in an Army backdrop, is a courtroom drama. The film is best regarded to be a journey into truth. The story is about the court marshal of a captain Javed Khan (Deepak Dobriyal) who is charged with rebellion, disloyalty and killing a fellow officer. The culprit prefers to remain silence and does not speak a single word in his defense as the truth behind his dreadful act is very difficult to establish and it is hard to make people believe the truth.  

The two lawyers assigned with the responsibility of finding out the reason of killing are Sid () and Akash (Jaaved Jafari). They two are best friends holding different opinions regarding an issue. Their approach towards life is totally contrasting and through out the investigation their view point collides with each other.

The investigation takes them to Srinagar. Akash’s ultimate aim was to win the case and Sid’s to do justice to the case so that false may not get over the truth. When slowly the truth unfolds, their view point changes and life took a different turn. During the investigation, they came across journalist Kavya () and Brigadier Pratap (Kay Kay Menon).

The climax can be regarded as the USP of the film. It is not a battle between two countries or two people. It is a battle of truth and at last truth becomes the winner. The two army lawyers while digging deep into the matter come in contact with such revelation that makes one to remain stunned with wide eyes. They came to know why, how and at what situation Javed Khan was bound to commit the murder. Though is set in the army background, it speaks nothing about the rebellion of two nations.

The screenplay and cinematography by Carlos Catalan’s is very tight and flawless. Director Samar Khan kept the script concise and at no point gets diverted from the actual plot. He had proved his credential of making a good film. Keeping in mind the entertainment quotient and showing all the facts in two hours is a tough job but the director had shown his mastery in it. Credit should go to the writers Jaydeep Sarkar, Aparnaa Malhotra and Samar Khan for plotting such a powerful climax.

Music is situational. Dheere Dheere by Adnan Sami is soothing to the ears. gave his stellar performance and Jaaved Jafari is equally good. Deepak Dobriyal is up to the mark. After Omkara, he again showed his acting skill in . Kay Kay Menon got little scope to perform but performed his small part superbly. has done justice to her role. The director had succeeded to extract the best from his stars. Though and has little part to enact but they are as usual did the right job.

On the whole, which carries the tagline “It takes courage to make right…right” is worth watching. People will not find it wastage of money. It is a quality film and speaks about courage, truth and morality.  It is a serious film devoid of entertainment quotient. If you want to taste some different genre of film then is the right choice.