ShaitanAnurag Kashyap has come up with an interesting and hard hitting thriller ‘’. The movie has all the ingredients of a perfect suspenseful story. The fear, tension, intensity, horror has been very well uplifted. Debutant director Bijoy Nambiar strikes the right chord with the film. What went in favor of the film is that it does not move away from the actual track throughout.

It is a story about five friends who lives life on the edge, London return Amy () comes to Mumbai and meet with rich crazy guys Dushyant Sahiu aka Dash (Shiv Pandit), Karan Chaudhary aka KC (Gulshan Devaiya), Zubin (Neil Bhoopalam) and Tanya (Kirti Kulhari), they are guys want to have fun all the time.  They party hard, enjoys long ride, and drives madly. Amy had a shocking past as she lost her mother in a young age.  On landing Mumbai and meeting those barmy guys, her life took a complete u-turn.

In a stretched situation, the gang mutually plans fake kidnapping of Amy and ask money from her father. Suspended Inspector Arvind () is asked to investigate the abduction case. Meanwhile, things go totally wrong with the group and they finally lands in a bizarre situation. How the group gets out of the dangerous situation and how inspector Arvind solves the abduction case follows the rest of the story.

’ is an engrossing script. From narration to execution, Binoy Nambiar scored high in all the departments. There is no any dull point in the movie. The direction, storyline, narration was perfectly up to the mark. Camera angles and background score build up the tense situation.

Speaking about performances, the film scored high in the acting department. was incredible. portrayed her part well.  Shiv Pandit was brilliant. Gulshan Devaiya was promising. Kirti Kulhari is polite. Neil Bhoopalam is fine. Pawan Malhotra is efficient. Raj Kumar Yadav of RAGINI MMS, is excellent in his special appearance.

In the nutshell, it is a well made film by and debutante director Bijoy Nambiar. It is a scintillating thriller which generates interest and leaves an long lasting impact in audience mind. Good watch, kudos to Bijoy and Anurag.