Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar’ starring Zaira Wasim is the big Diwali release. Helmed by Advait Chauhan, the film revolves around a school going girl who wants to make big in the singing world. But her biggest barrier in pursuing her dream is the conservative society and the narrow mindedness of her father.  

Zaira Wasim enacts the role of Insiya Malik, who hails from alower middle class family in Vadodra. She not only dreams music but eats, sleeps and walks music as well. The one and only dream of her life is to become a singer. She has a great passion for singing which only her mother NajmaMalik(MeherVij)understands.

At the age of six, Insiya gets a guitar as a gift from her mother Najma. Insiya grown up to be a good singer but unfortunately she had to hide her singing talent from her monster father played by Raj Arjun, who is dead against her passion. Najma was the only ray of hope for Insiya, who understands the feelings of her children but fears to boost them up because of her dominating husband who doesn’t think twice to raise hand on her.

Najma is a helpless mother but manages to keep her children happy at any cost. The mother-daughter relationship is beautifully described in the film. Despite her father’s strict control, Insiya Malik finds different means to reach out her music to the masses, without her demon father’s knowledge. Concealing her identity, Ishiya loads her song on Youtube and soon she became an internet sensation. Her songs became a massive hit among all the age groups. Aamir Khan made a brief appearance in the film as composer Shakti Kumar, who boost up her confidence and asks her to live her dream and move ahead with sheer confidence.

‘Secret Superstar’ is an inspiring and emotionally draining movie. Advait Chauhan has beautifully crafted every character.

Zaira Wasim is a delight to watch. She enacts her role amazingly beautifully. She is also a treat for the eyes and enacts her scene effortlessly and with sheer brilliance.

MeherVij steps into the role of a loving mother and tortured wife and performed her part very brilliantly.

Aamir Khan is very entertaining. Raj Arjun played the role of a dominating father and monster husband very well. He has been successful to create tremor. Chintan (Tirth Sharma) as Insia's 'best friend' is amazing and Guddu (Kabir) as Insia's brother is charming.

Anil Mehta's cinematography is brilliant. Pallavi Bagga and Suman Roy Mahapatra's production design is first rate. Priyanjali Lahiri's costume design is top-notch. Amit Trivedi's music is soothing.

In the nutshell, ‘Secret Superstar’ is a delightful watch. This Diwali audience will love to watch it with family.