Rowdy Rathore

Rowdy Rathore has impressed his fans with action packed movie then he tried hand in comedy and there also he achieved success and now he went an extra mile and tried something out of the box with ‘’’ which is full of crazy, rowdy, loud and raw action. In this genre also Akki shows his potential.

 The film is a reason for watch for various reasons. For the first time has been paired opposite , secondly this is Sonakshi’s next film after the blockbuster ‘Dabangg’ which the audience can’t wait to watch her again. ‘’ is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster ‘Vikramarkudu’. There are example that remakes from south Indian film always caters the audience interest.

’is a full blown desi masala entertainer. The film has lots of fighting, bad-mouth, jokes, romance and song and dances. The film has been promoted well and the promo also did a big job to entice the audience’s inetrest. The background scores, songs and dances, Akshay’s punches will take back to the audience to 90’s.

Shiva () is a petty thief in Mumbai. He cut pockets in the gali and mohallas of Mumbai. One fine day, he meets the lady of his dream Priya () in a marriage. Priya came all the way from Patna to attend the marriage and Akshay was the uninvited guest in the wedding. Soon both fell for one another. Shiva decided to open before Priya all his bad habits. He informed Priya about his habits and at the same time promised her that he will quit all his bad habits but before quitting, he wants to cheat a person for the last time to gain a large sun of money.

But things did not run as planned by Shiva. He unknowingly gets enrolled in a dangerous plot. He meets a small girl Chinki and the girl claims him to be her father. Shiva was totally confused but he decided to give shelter to Chinki who thinks him to be her father. Shiva gives shelter to the small child  to get away from the eyes of the police officer who is keeping a tab on Shiva.

As time passed by, Shiva develops a liking for the girl but he did not tell anything to Priya about the girl. When Priya came to know about all this, she was heartbroken and angry Priya left for Patna.

After sometime, some uncanny things began to happen to Shiva. Some goons followed him and tried to kill him. Shiva was totally confused as why the goons are trying to kill him. Shiva’s dear ones helped Shiva and the girl to run away from the place.

The story takes a U-turn when Vikram Rathore (), Chinki’s real father comes to their rescue.

What happens next? Will the goons kill Vikram Rathore? Will Shiva gets Priya back or not? What happens to Chinki finally forms the rest part of the story of .

Speaking about performances, was totally rowdy in the film and he as usual puts his full energy and soul into the film and delivered his best. He has blown the audience with his super duper performance. was treat to watch. She has already created an image of desi girl which she continues. The small girl Chinki was very charming. Other characters Paresh Ganatra, Yashpal Sharma, Gurdeep Kohli impressed the audience.

Sajid-Wajid's music was another attrction of the film. The picks are 'Chammak Challo Chail Chabeeli', 'Chinta Ta Ta' 'Dhadang Dhang Dhang' and 'Aa Re Pritam Pyaare'.

In the nutshell, romance, comedy, full action, songs and dances are unlimited in ‘’. It is totally a desi flick and the film has all the elements to keep box office bell ringing. Go for it, the film won't disappoint you.