Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year

Rocket Singh'Rocket Singh' is a film that is bound to impress one and all. It was made with a sincere effort and with a good idea devoid of showbiz. The word ‘Simplicity’ again suits here and it touches the reality to a great extent. No melodrama, no extravaganza, no glamour. The story carries a noble idea and the acting of and directing of are the plus point of the film. The scenes are very natural and you can relate to it. The happenings are inspired from the real incidents of life. Every time Shimit tries something new, he becomes successful in his effort. ‘Rocket Singh’ is totally different from ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ and ‘Chak De India’.

The interest level of the film is equal throughout. At no scene you will have the feeling that it is trying to be romantic, funny or overdramatic. The film has been promoted lowly but the hype surrounds the film is tremendous. The dialogues are catchy and very natural. It speaks about a man who dreamt something else during his college days but when reality strikes, he was stunned but did not lose heart and lived up to the moment.

The story speaks about a young graduate Harpreet Singh Bedi (
) just passed out. He wanted to make his career in sales as he holds a very good opinion regarding sales, the salesman are good-looking, smart and has a good interactive and convincing skill. He was offered a sales job in the computer firm run by a strict boss who place before his sales personals unimaginable targets. Harpreet was also one of the victims to achieve those unrealistic targets.

When the ugly face of the company came into forefront, Ranbir started hating the method of work and decided to set up his own sales office where honesty will prevail and no unnecessary pressurize will be given on the employee. He sets up an office within the one he is working with and hired some handful of sincere employees. With sheer sincerity and honesty, they worked towards their goal and succeeded.

Written by Jaideep Sahni, the script is a polished one and purely inspired from real life incident and real people. Devoid of songs and dances, Rocket Singh is a script very much honest in presentation and liable to be liked by one and all. The two scenes of the film requires special mention, first the lengthy conversation between Ranbir and his boss and secondly when the boss realizes his fault and apologies to Ranbir.

From direction to screenplay, everything deserves special mention. Salim-Sulaiman's background score is effective. Vikash Nowlakha's cinematography is fine.
is a good story teller. On the whole, it is a good effort of the team.  Speaking about performances, ruled throughout. He has brought life into the character. He has proved that he is a versatile actor and can portray various roles. Prem Chopra stands out. D. Santosh is top-grade. Few new faces like Gauhar Khan, Shazahn Padamsee gets a little scope to enact.

In the nutshell, Rocket Singh is a film for one and all. Simple incidents will touch your heart. After so much glitz and glamour, when you watch this movie, you will feel a difference. It will rule at the multiplexes.