Revolver Rani

Usually you do not get gun slinging female protagonists in Bollywood films and when that protagonist is played by Kangana Ranaut who is on a high after her recent success with ‘Queen’ , things really look interesting. ‘Revolver Rani’ has hit the theaters but has she fired enough bullets to leave her mark at the box office?

Cast and team

Kangana plays Alka Singh aka Revolver Rani, a leader of political party in Chambal. Vir Das plays Rohan Mehera, an upcoming actor and Alka’s love interest. The leads are supported by Piyush Mishra as Balli mama and Zakir Hussain as one of Alka’s political rivals Udaybhan Tomar.

‘Revolver Rani’ has been directed by Sai Kabir who is also behind the story and screenplay. Noted director Tigmanshu Dhulia is one of the producers of the film. The film was shot in Chambal and other locations in Madhya Pradesh. The music has been composed by Sanjeev Srivastava.


Alka Singh’s party has lost the elections and now her arch rival, the Tomar brothers are in power. With the new found power they are continuously planning to eliminate her. But Alka is helped by her uncle, the Machiavellian Balli. Things get complicated when Alka’s love Rohan, an upcoming Bollywood actor is kidnapped by her enemies and brought to Gwalior to be killed. Alka arrives with her guns to save him and there on all hell breaks loose.  Will love survive in this badland of blood and betrayal??

Positive points

The movie is saved by the performance of its cast. Kangana as the foul mouthed Alka does a great job. She very ably portrays the longings of the character, her dreams and her quirky side (love for all things Italian). Vir Das is brilliant as Rohan. Rohan is charming but also has dark, selfish side.  Piyush Mishra delivers a solid performance as the manipulative uncle. The Tomar brothers are enjoyable as the not so bright, eccentric villains.

The screenplay keeps the interest alive throughout the film. Though there is not much scope for music in the movie, the composer has done a decent job with songs like "Kaafi Nahi Chand" by Asha Bhosle.

Negative points

The movie drags in parts and sometimes strays too far from reality and tends to look a little silly such as Alka surviving a rocket launcher assault. The acting is over the top at times. The second half loses the momentum.

Verdict It may not be something extraordinary but ‘Revolver Rani’ is certainly enjoyable to watch. Though the film is inspired by old B grade flicks like ‘Hunterwali’, it manages to remain relevant in this day and ag.
revolver rani