Ragini MMS

Ragini MMSEkta Kapoor’s paranormal thriller, ‘’ falls on the line of ‘Love Sex and Dhoka’ only the ghost part being the deviation. It is a film that will keep the audience stick to their seat. Sound-n-lighting effects to impulsive background score create the fear and ghostly effect.

Ever since the promo hit the TV channels, the movie made news for several reasons. First, the censor board raised objections for some intimate scenes shown, the pulling down of hoarding by the angry locals, the face-off between Ekta and the real Ragini, Deepika kept the film always in the news till the date of its release.

Finally, the veil is turned up and the film is before the audience.  Made on a low budget, Ekta Kapoor’s ‘’ to a great extent has been able to impress her audience. ‘’ is a combination of sex and horror.

The lead protagonist Uday (Rajkumar Yadav) and his girlfriend Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) visit a friend’s haunted farmhouse. The young couple least knew that the mansion is haunted and some uncanny incidence will happen in their life.  Since they are in a holiday, the couple had some romantic time inside their room. Soon their good times turned a nightmare when they came to know that the love making was captured by cameras installed in the room.

Ragini doesn’t know that the plan of capturing the sex is planned by her boyfriend Uday. What would be her reaction when she came to know that everything was planned by Uday and who is the third eye that is keeping an eye on them forms the rest of the story.

The director has been successfully able to lift up the fear, sex and ghostly factor in the movie. The love scene shot seems very real. The minus point of the film is that the ending is very uninteresting and leaves many loopholes.

Raj Kumar Yadav as Uday and Kainaz Motivalahas as Ragini have delivered their best.

In the nutshell, ‘’ has been able to keep its promise. The audience would surely like the paranormal sex experience. The film will keep the box office bell ringing.