Bipasha Basu and Saif Ali Khan in Race is another massive offering from the director duo Abbas-Mustan who excels in the field on action thriller. Their excellence in making suspense thriller is quite noticed in Baazigar, Humraaz, Naqaab, Ajnabee and 36 China Town. They outshine in creating hypertension after a gap of short duration. is almost similar to their earlier products but little deviation in its style and action. The film has a lot of twist in the tale with some known and unknown facts. 

is the story of two brothers Ranbir Singh () and Rajeev Singh () of two different characters. Ranbir is very ambitious and involves in the bidding of horse racing and at the same time very caring for his younger brother. Ranbir owns a huge stud farm in Durban, South Africa. They breeds horses on their huge ranch house and are also the biggest bookies in the horse racing circuit. Ranbir is out and out a true breeder and adopts tip for tat tactics to win over the game. Whereas, Rajeev is totally a drunkard.

After few minutes, there enters an upcoming Indian model Sonia (). Ranbir develops a special feeling for her and before their love relationship transforms into marriage, Rajeev stood as a barrier in between them. On knowing that his brother loves Sonia too, Ranbir sacrifices his love for him. Another beautiful character in the film is Sophia (), Ranbir’s secretary. Ranbir trusted her lot and Sophia too hold a high esteem for him and adores him to a great extend. Sonia got married to Rajeev but as the time passes, it is known that Rajeev actually eyes on Ranbir’s property and played a game to kill him. Sonia later became a part of the nasty game of killing Ranbir. And then a murder is committed.

After the interval, comes into the picture, Robert. D. Costa (R.D) (), a detective that is assigned to find the truth behind the motive of murder and to arrest the culprit. He is assisted by sexy but brainless assistant Mini (). Then a very wrong investigation starts. It unfolds many unanticipated tales which may lead one to think why, who, what, when and how.

Abbas-Mustan had left no stone unturned to make a fabulous thriller. Huge star cast, high style, good timing of the songs, mind blowing locales, interesting plot all blended together to make a good film to watch. Cinematography by Ravi Yadav is creditable, music by Pritam rocks, dialogues by Anuraag Prapanna, Jitendra Parmar are outstanding and choreography by Bosco-Caesar and Ganesh Acharya is up to the mark.

is as usual superb. He showed his capability of playing all sorts of roles and portrayed the character of Ranbir very well. His new look matches his personality and the character. did a good job, very well depicted the twisting nature. did justice to the role and looking brilliant. delivers her best work till date. She well portrayed the role of a wonder, decisive lady. has done a good job. again proved his excellence. 

On the whole, is a film that is sure to appeal the mass. It involves all the masala of an interesting thriller. The film is good to watch and the scenes are appealing to the eyes. Worth watching, an out and out entertaining film. Abbas-Mustan added many new colors to the field in which they already excels. We can say that they have won the of making an interesting thriller. It is a startling Holi gift from the director duo.