Race 2

Abbas Mustan is back with the sequel to 2008 blockbuster ‘Race’ which had very interesting twists and turns. ‘Race 2’ starring John Abraham, Ameesha Patel, Jacqueline Fernandez, Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor promises ample of action, conspiracy, style and romance. The film is well promoted and as usual since it is an Abbas Mustan’s movie, expectation from the movie is sky-high.

‘Race 2’ almost fall on the same line of it’s prequel but the movie lacks in content. The film rides high on style, emotions and extravaganza but the storyline is not at all catchy and the fails to grip the audience interest. ‘Race 2’ has a high-octane action and in respect of style, the film can beat any films.

‘Race 2 starts from where ‘Race’ ends. Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan) was shown in hunt of his girlfriend Sonia (Bipasha Basu) murderer. Bipasha who had a pivotal role in ‘Race’ played a cameo in the sequel. Ranveer’s search for Sonia’s murderer made him come across Armaan Malik (John Abraham) and Ranveer involves in illicit deals, gambling and crime with Armaan.

Ranveer’s heart again fell for Armaan’s sister half-sister Elena (Deepika Padukone) who is a bindaas girl and live life on her own terms. At the same time, he flirts with Armaan’s girlfriend Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez).

Ranveer also reunited with his good friend inspector RD (Anil Kapoor) and his new assistant Cherry (Amisha Patel). The movie then takes many twists and turns and by the interval, Ranveer and Armaan turn rivals and they fight it out to win the final race.

The cinematography is eye-catching. It was shot in Istanbul, Antalya and Cyprus. The film has glamor, richness which one wish to see in any Bollywood film. Yet the film is not interesting like the original. The makers has invested huge money on the film but it is sorry to say that the movie lacks the entertainment quotient.

Speaking about performances, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham has put all the responsibilities on their shoulder. They played their part well and hold the interest of the audience till the end. To watch Deepika Padukone is worthy. She plays a seductress in the movie and to watch her in ‘Cocktail’ avatar is a thrill. Though Jacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel had little to do, they gave decent performances. Anil Kapoor’s as fruit obsessed RD delivers laughter.

Pritam’s music is worth listening. Songs like ‘Be Intehaan,’ ‘Party on my Mind’ and ‘Lat Lag Gaye’ leave a mark.

In the nutshell, ‘Race 2’ is messy. A lot of has been spent to make it gripping but it is really sad that the movie failed to stand up to the expectation of the audience. It is not at all worth watching.
race 2