Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Rab Ne Bana Di JodiFilmmaker and ’s successful jodi again revert back with . The film exactly stand on the tag ‘There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi’, Shahrukh and debutante Anuksha Sharma has done full justice to the film and given their heart and soul to make the film a total entertainment product. Unlike any other ’s flick, the film is not set in the backdrop of foreign location, lavish set, designer clothes, glitz and glamour but makes you feel that you are watching a flick which is set in your own moholla with some known faces and some common happenings of day to day life.

In most of Shahrukh’s flick,
rules throughout but here it is exceptional. Other than Shahrukh, Anuksha also stands up to the same level of him and performs stupendously. Both were given a simple look as per the requisite of the film and in the second half , King Khan sheds off his simple, moustache, lean and thin common man look and dons a stylish guy whose outfit is modern and body tight. Anuksha who plays Taani in the flick dominates throughout with her simple but glamorous outlook. The film is topnotch in every respect and both and Anuksha rules throughout and their combination proved superb as both have complimented each other.

The film talks mammoth in simple language and trouble-free manner. It tells how two different people find love in one another in spite of holding diversified choices. It shows how you can win the love of your loved ones whom you love by heart and soul though the other does not back you the same love and respect. Surinder Sahni (
) is a simple happy go lucky kind of guy, he happens to marry Taani (Anuksha Sharma) who is simple, pretty and smart by chance. Actually he went to attend the marriage of his colleague but ultimately, the event ended up with the wedding of Surinder with Taani. It was the last wish of Taani’s dying father as the groom who was supposed to marry Taani met with an accident on their way to the wedding venue.

Though Taani and Surinder married, Taani found hard to accept him as her husband as Surinder’s quality was not up to her expectation and she has been finding hard to accept her as her husband. When one day, Shahrukh came to know that Taani does not love him and feeling suffocated with the burden of the relationship, he demoralized and hence acted according to his best buddy’s Vinay Pathak advice as how to win over his wife whom he loves so much. Taani one day expresses her desire to join dance class as she loves dancing and Surinder permitted her to do so.

When Taani joined dance class, an idea click on Surinder’s friend. He advised Surinder for a makeover from a simple man to a stylish guy. Surinder to win over Taani went to the extend of dying his hair, wearing skimpy attire and therefore totally turned a youngster. He followed Taani to the dance class with a new identity Raj. Gradually Taani developed a soft corner for Raj and one day expressed her desire to take part in a dance competition with him. Raj and Taani set the dance floor on fire but unfortunately they loss. Taani still continued to love Raj and when his real identity revealed, she started loving Raj in the true image of Surinder.

Though the story of
is ordinary, the best part of it is that it is told in an extraordinary manner which makes it more appealing and thereby grips your attention.

Speaking about performances, Shahrukh as usual superb again gave his best performance. He is all way excellent in dual role. Debutante Anuksha Sharma doesn’t seems new at all; she was totally absorbed in her role and performed brilliantly. Vinay Pathak was at his comic best.

Cinematography and dialogue is stupendous. On the whole, we can say that RNBDJ does not have any stale moment and has freshness in every dimension.

The entire people associate with
deserves full credit and huge round of applause. Worth to be seen repeated number of times. As the year closes by has given wonderful gift to movie lovers. Watch it to feel it!