Raaz – The Mystery Continues

Raaz-The Mystery ContinuesThe many Raaz (secrets) that engulfed in the film has finally revealed. Curtains have been raised from the secrets whether Kangana will pose nude, how many kisses Emraan planted on his co-star and how the real lover and Kangana look on-screen. Bhatts camp's latest offering Raaz – The Mystery Continues includes everything from romance to murder. handled the script very well and he has made all the efforts to scare the audience and raise goose-bumps. No one can point out fault in Shagufta's screenplay. It is flawless and superlative.

In ghostly business, Indian Cinema is making a mark. ‘Phoonk’ and ‘1920’ are topnotch and with every bit of advancement and exception, expectation of the audience is also growing higher and higher. Thank God, Raaz stands up to the expectation of the audience and it fulfilled what its promo promised. The scary moments of the film is excellent, like Emraan and Kangna's first encounter at a mall and minutes later, inside an elevator, Kanagna's bizarre experience in her bathtub, Kangana almost jumping off a cliff and many such sequences are topnotch. Mohit has shown his credibility in dealing tough portions with ease and perfection.

A scary movie is worthless if it does not shock the viewers but Raaz been able to raise tension and excitement. You will have the feeling as what coming next.

It speaks about Prithvi, an artist who experiences mysterious thoughts about Nandita (Kangna Ranaut) as he puts her in his canvass. Every time, he puts his brush on her painting, he experiences something weird about her. He had an experience that Nandita will lose her life if he does not warm her and then his search for Nandita started. When he find her out, she finds hard to believe his experience and had the feeling that he is making stories out of nothing but at last, she is bound to believe in his words.
Incidentally, one of Prithvi's paintings exposes her as dead. The only way left for her to solve this mystery is to seek Emraan's help! But the only question that disturbs her is if she is doing right by believing Emraan and risks her love (
) as well as her life to unravel this mystery?

The mystery finally unveils at the end. The beginning and the middle portion is more absorbing than the end. Whatever Raaz wraps up well and is quite interesting. It grabs the audience interest throughout. 

Speaking about performances,
after Fashion showed more her acting caliber. She is outstanding, also ruled all through. He showed much mature performance than his earlier flicks. has grown a level higher from his debut film Haal-E-Dil.

In the nutshell, Raaz 2 is worth-watching. You will engross yourself while watching and it fills up your mind. Big round of applause for the Bhatts camp again as they have been able to raise tension, create fear and goose-bumps.