RaavanFinally, the long wait is over and Mani Ratman’s ‘Raavan’ has hit the theatres worldwide. The main question is whether it has been able to stand up to the expectation of the people. ‘Raavan’ in number of ways compared with the great epic ‘Ramayana’ and the role of Aishwarya Rai is compared with Sita and as and another protagonist Vikram as Ram. Though the filmmaker and the cast claim that it is not a modern adaptation of Ramayana, after watching the film you can draw a line parallel to the epic.

The expectation level was higher because of the famous names that are associated with it. has delivered some of blockbusters in the recent past like Anjali, Roja, Bombay, Yuva and Guru but ‘Raavan’ is a film of different genres. Abhishek and Aishwarya are such two names that charm the audience and always cherished by the cine-goers. But unfortunately, this time Mani’s magic did not work. The film lack in varied senses but it is a treat for the eyes. Aishwarya’s adores the big screen with her simple looks, the cinematography was fabulous. Though the film has many potholes, some factors grip the interest of the audience. Everyone expected ‘Raavan’ to be another milestone of but this time Mani missed the train. ‘Raavan’ is high-class in camera angle, location and picturization.

The story is about a local gunda Beera (). who abduct the wife of police officer Dev (Vikram). Dev’s wife Ragini () is a classical dancer. Dev falls for her and both get married. After marriage, Dev has been posted to a small town Lal Maati in North India where the power of Beera prevails. Beera is in the wish list of the police department but for the local villagers he is their God. Beera has been ruling the area for many years but he has got a bad impression in the police department.

The turning point of the film comes when Beera kidnaps Rajini and the entire police department went in search of the abductor. Helping Dev in rescuing his wife is the forest officer Sanjeevani (Govinda). Where on one hand, various tragedies are planned by the police department to catch Beera and rescue Rajini, on the other hand, Rajini develops a soft corner for Beera. She falls in love with him. Then there starts a battle between the good and the bad and one will get to witness huge bloodshed.

The film did not work out mainly due to the script. The plotline is very poor. There are many instances that are not digestible as why slowly Rajini’s heart went to Beera, there is no strong justification for that. Also the film should not end with the fight on the bridge. Last but not the least is the title of the film which does not justify the story. Many such flaws affected ‘Raavan’.

Speaking about the other sides of the film, AR music is mind-blowing. Vijay Krishna Acharya's dialogue is electrifying. Performance wise, stands out. She was looking awesome. It can be regarded as one of her best work till date. fails to impress. His acting as well as dialogue delivery was very poor which not accepted from his side. Vikram was top-notch. Govinda was not at all convincing. Nikhil Dwivedi,  Ravi Kishan, and Priyamani were up to the mark.

On the whole, ‘Raavan’ was a poor show. Expectation was higher but it failed to stand up on it. The opening will be promising as cine-goers will jump for the first day first show but its viewer ship is likely to fall very soon.  Very disappointing.