RajneetiAfter ‘Gangajaal’ and ‘Apaharan’, director has come up with a new offering ‘Rajneeti’ which depicts the political system of our country. Prakash’s way of story telling is very unique and his films basically tells the story of present day happenings. His films might not be entertaining but knowledgeable. In short, we can say that ‘Rajneeti’ is a modern day Mahabharata. Jha’s film are thought provoking that makes us to think and analyze things, it is not a type of film that appeal one to leave one's brain behind home. ‘Rajneeti’ is a typical Jha’s film which takes time to go inside the script but once you enter the domain of Jha’s plotline everything becomes easy. Highly inspired from the great Indian epic Mahabharata and Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather, ‘Rajneeti’ is a film which tempts one to go and watch.

‘Rajneeti’ is a story of cousin brothers who aims to make a name in the world of politics at any cost. In the process of doing so, injustice was meted to the mass. ‘Rajneeti’ is a film that is not dependant on promotion. One need not have to urge audience to go to the theatre and watch the film, it automatically entices one to go and see the political drama. Arjun Rampal will be seen as Prithviraj Pratap, will play the role of Veerendra Pratap, as Sooraj Kumar, plays Brij Gopal and as Samar Pratap and as Sonia Chopra.  

‘Rajneeti’ tells the political battle of Pratap family. ‘Rajneeti’ is about anger, revenge, greed, power and betrayal between two cousins Pritviraj Pratap and Veerendra Pratap. Here we will get characters resemblance to the characters of Mahabharata like Arjun, Bhim, Duryodhan, Lord Krishna. Veerendra Pratap feels sidelined after the political power shifts from his father who died of Paralytic attack to his uncle. Veerendra Pratap could not digest this insult as he thinks it is his birth right to become the leader of his party. To achieve his goal, he makes friendship with Sooraj Kumar who is a powerful Dalit leader.

Samar Pratap who is far away from the political picture and who never thought to enter the dark world of politics and always aims to become a lecturer finally falls in the trap and took up politics. Brij Gopal acted as Samar’s Godfather and he learned all the tactics of politics from him. Samar worked for the welfare of the people and he strengthened his political ground. Repeated defeat has made Veerendra roar like a lion. This dirty politics also roped in Sonia Chopra, daughter of an industrialist.

That the game of power is very dangerous and bloody is clearly lifted up in ‘Rajneeti’.The great thing about Prakash’s ‘Rajneeti’ is that the script is water-tight. You will take time to grasp it. Initially, you will feel bit hazy but as the film moves forward, you will get into the skin of the character and get engrossed into it. Everything will be crystal clear.

Speaking about performances,
delivered a power packed performance. and are top-notch. was like never before. She acted superbly. Arjun Rampal was first-rate.

Technically, the film is very strong.
’s script is very powerful and engrossing. It's a must watch film.