Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar ImpossibleSome films are made with no aim to achieve certain ends. They are made to fill up your three hours with fun and it makes an appeal to the audience to leave all their tensions behind. They convey message to fasten your seat with cola on one hand and pop-corn on the other. is a light-hearted film written by and directed by Jughal Hansraj. It conveys the message that love is not restricted to looks, if one possesses a true love for someone, he will achieve by any means.

The story idea is simple but high in style quotient.
’s stylish look and ’s contrasting look really makes some impact. The university environment gives some filling of youthful ness.

The story gradually moves from university life to a family life. The transitional phase was engrossing. Priyanka and Uday left no stone unturned to promote the film and their promotion can drag extra audience to the theatre.

The story encircles around two, three characters only. It’s a love story about two contrasting character. Spectacled, greek boy Abhay Sharma (
) fell for Alisha Merchant () in his university days. He feels that he is an odd man out and not Alisha’s type. Like him there are many guys who fell weak at the knees of Alisha but Abhay’s love for Alisha is a true one. Many a times, he tried to convey the message of his heart to Alisha but failed.

One night he even saved Alisha from drowning but she was least bothered to say him thank you as the next morning she was leaving for her father in India. Uday could not speak his heart to Alisha. Seven years passed by, Abhay and Alisha did not meet. In the meantime, Abhay was cheated by a rich businessman Siddhu (Dino Morea) who robbed his path breaking software.

Abhay’s father (Anupam Kher) boost up his confidence and gears up Abhay to search for the rich thief who is supposedly based in Singapore. But on landing at Siddhu’s office what Abhay found has shocked him. He saw that Alisha was working as PR and Marketing Head in the same office where Siddhu was trying to sell his software claiming to be his own multi million deal. Abhay followed Alisha and he was mere surprised to see that Alisha has sepearted from her husband and single handedly taking care of her daughter.

Alisha mistaken Abhay to be a male nanny for her daughter. But he kept quiet because after long years, Abhay again met the woman of his life and he did not want to lose the chance to share moments with her. The story takes a U-turn when Abhay came to know that Alisha has a special feeling for Siddhu whose real name is Varun. How Abhay saves Alisha from falling for a wrong man again and how he takes revenge on Siddhu for the wrong he has done forms the rest of the story. 

At no point the story gets out of the track. Post-interval, the script becomes water-tight. Uday has kept the script straight and simple. Salim-Sulaiman's musical score is ear-soothing. Santosh Thundiyil's cinematography is top notch. Dialogue penned by Uday are straight and factual.

Speaking about performances,
has yet again proved that she is top-notch. She is very much into her role and her acting, style ruled throughout the film. delivered a stupendous performance. Anupam Kher was as usual superb. Dino Morea played his part well.

On the whole,
has many feel good factor. It is a light-hearted movie. Though the film is not going to stay in your mind for long, it has a instant impact. Watch it for some entertaining dose.