<PK>A satire on ‘God and Godmen’, this comedy created vibes with just its first look- Mr. Perfectionist went completely nude for the first time on camera! Fans had high expectation form this one, as the Amir- Hirani duo was proven to be superb in ‘3 Idiots’. This Rajkumar Hirani directed film has been written by Abhijat Joshi together with Hirani. The movie released on 19th December.


Amir Khan plays the role of an alien, while Sanjay Dutt plays Bhairon Singh who accidently hits the alien. Anushka Sharma has been featured as a TV reporter called Jagat Janani, mostly called Jaggu and later shares good chemistry with Aamir Khan. Sushant Singh Rajput appears in the role of Sarfaraz, whom Anushka intends to marry. Boman Irani is seen in the role of a news channel’s head, while Ranbir Kapoor would appear in the cameo role of an alien.


An alien (Aamir Khan) is left alone on earth with no garb, but just a locket that connects him to his alien fellows. He loses the locket and later meets Bhairon (Sanjay Dutt) by chance, who helps the alien get accustomed to life on earth. The alien is able to communicate only by holding women’s hands and Bhairon tries to understand his weird dialect by letting him hold hands. The creature then explains his hardship on losing the locket and requests help to get it back. The alien gets the name ‘PK’ as the people think he is drunk. TV reporter Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) then encounters PK who is in search of God, and a romantic drama follows. The movie ends with PK going back to his planet, but later returning with another alien (Ranbir) for a research.


The script of the movie has been beautifully written. It was definitely worth the wait, and has come up with a wonderful star cast- especially Aamir who has put his heart and soul to play the humorous alien. The film strikes a perfect balance between a thoroughly entertaining comedy and an ingenious fantasy. The acting of all lead actors is praiseworthy, as every bit of it is very natural and totally gripping.


The first half of the film will give you no reason to complain, whereas the second half is a bit disappointing- the only downside being the more than required intensity put into the drama.


‘PK’ is one of its kind- Aamir’s outstanding work and the singular plot give you a very good reason to watch the film.