Paying Guests

Paying Guests, a film by director Paritosh Painter speaks about four friends, Shreyas, Javed, Ashish and Vatsal in search of rented house. Hardly they find a house but with a condition, the landlord (Johnny Lever and his wife Delnaaz Paul) wants to give their house into rent only to married couples. The four guys who were in urgent need of a house played a trick, the two among them change over to ladies and played the role of wives of the other two.

Then starts the hilarious moments when the guys attempt to hide their identity from the landlord. Ballu, the landlord was always troubled by his younger brother Rocky (Chunky Pandey) who desires to own the hotel of Ballu. Then there creates a complete confusion when arrived on the scene four ladies
, , Riya Sen and Sayali Bhagat. They play the love partner of the four guys.

Comedy is a very tough job to handle. Apart from acting, comic timings, catchy dialogues are important ingredients of any comedy film. Paritosh failed to stand tall in those departments. He picked up scenes and dialogues from super hit comedy films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Ashi Hi Banva Banvi but failed to implement in a proper way in his film and results a tragic show rather a comedy show. It hardly makes one to laugh and enjoy throughout.

The script appears very poor and fussy. Nothing new can be experienced. The same old comic formula has been induced with some changes here and there. Exotic location of Bangkok will offer some pleasure to the audience; otherwise the film is a headache to watch. Sajid-Wajid’s music is also very unpleasant to hear. To pass two and a half hour is a big deal indeed. At times, the audience would feel like getting over from their seat. At no point, the film grips your interest.

Speaking about the performances, Johnny Lever and Delnaaz Paul played their part well. Chunky Pandey is wasted. Shreyas, Jaaved, Ashish and Vatsal are equally well. Celina and Neha find space to act while Riya and Sheyali get little scope to enact. Asrani, Viju Khote and Paintal are just OK.

In the nutshell,
is a poor show. It can be touted as another disaster of the year. Watch the film at your own risk as it is not at all worth watching.