paaLegendry actor has crossed every barrier of acting. After looking at his performance in ‘’, we can say that the word tough, impossible does not exist in his dictionary. Toughest to the toughest role he can portray with sheer confidence and remarkably well. Though Big B claims that every role is challenging for him, the role that he has essayed in ‘’ can be said to be the most challenging one. A 65 year old portraying the role of 13 yrs and that too suffering from progeria without any flaw is truly commendable. Amitabh has already attached numbers of feathers in his hat and ‘’ being another one.

Director R Balakrishanan dig the undiscovered talent of Big B and showcased that rarest mannerism and attitude. 15 minutes into the film and you will get in to the world of ‘Auro’ that Amitabh played. The more the film moves further, you will get sweep away with the character. Slowly you will forget the superstar Amitabh but one name that will rule your heart and that is of ‘Auro’. The selection of actors by Balki was superb.
as Big B’s father and as his mother was a super combination.

’ is a movie for one and all. From this film, Amitabh will be known by another name also. It not only speaks about father-son relationship but everyone connected to Auro. ‘’ is a simple story spoken in a simplest manner and high on emotional factor. Many a times, your eyes become moist. It is a well written and well directed script. Very much polished.

‘Auro’ is a 13 yr boy suffering from progeria, a disease witnessing premature aging among children. ‘Auro’ has been single handedly brought up by his mother
whereas his father Amol () suggested abortion. The couple parts away due to differences of opinion. For years, Auro did not have any idea as who was his father until Amol happened to meet his Auro at his school’s annual function in which he awarded Auro for his artistic excellence. Physically Auro looks like a 65 yr old but mentally he 13.
Auro’s mother is a gynecologist and his father is an ideal politician. Auro slowly connects with his father and Amol also showered his love for his son. Slowly Auro becomes Amol’s world. Then follows the father-son’s relationship.

Hats off to director R Balki. The direction, scripting and the emotional moments are very much higher. Ilaiyaraaja's music is ear-soothing. P.C. Sreeram's cinematography is unbelievable. Special accolades should be given to the make-up artist Christien Tinsley and Domini. They had done a job worth deserving credits.

Speaking about performances, no words of praises left for
. He is above all ranking and accolades. He has achieved mastery over acting and he is superb in every department of acting. He is evitable and no adjectives are left in his praises. is a matured actor and he has again proved his acing caliber in ‘’. He has essayed the role of Big B’s father tremendously well. strikes high in acting. She has proved that if she is given the right role, she can strike gold.

Paresh Rawal is impressive. Arundhati Naag is astonishing. The kid Pratik, enacting the role of Auro's best buddy is superb. Jaya Bachchan's presence is lovely and perfect.

In the nutshell, ‘
’ is a wonderful journey into the amazing world of Auro. The film has proved yet again that Bollywood is capable of offering elusive movies. Big B delivered an award winning performance and box office collection is expected to be awesome. Watch ‘’ for a unique experience.