One Night Stand

One Night Stand’ has been directed by Jasmine Moses D’Souza, starring Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virawani and Nyra Banerjee. The movie might sound as just another erotic thriller, but it is more to that. It explores in detail a kind of relationship that Bollywood films have so far only skimmed the surface.

Celina (Sunny Leone) is a photographer and has come to Phuket for a fashion show organised by Urvil Raisingh (Tanuj), an event manager. While celebrating the success of the event with his colleagues, Urvil gets into a bet and tries to woo Celina. In the process, Urvil and Celina get drunk and feel attracted towards each other and end up in bed together. But when Urvil wakes up next morning, Celina is gone and he has no details of her whereabouts.

Urvil returns home in Pune to his pretty wife Simran (Nyra Bannerjee) and the couple is happy in their lives. Things change when he spots Celina at a shopping mall and starts thinking about her once again and imagines her in every girl he comes across. He is unable to concentrate at his work and tries to find more about the mysterious lady and searches her on Internet as well. But soon, he bumps into her at a big event and also discovers that Celina is actually Mrs Ambar Kapoor and a mother too.  He confronts her, but she is not interested, but he has become obsessed with her and starts stalking her. Urvil traces her to her home and when he calls her, she meets him to put an end to all this once and for all. She ends up calling Urvil a stalker hurting his ego and he determines to have her and in the process makes a mess of his own life as well.

The story is told in a non-linear fashion, in flashback, through the eyes of Urvil.

While other Hindi films exploring casual hook-ups primarily deal with quest for true love, this movie is refreshing in the sense that the one night stand here has not part in a serious love affair. Debutant director Jasmine has done a commendable job of confidently showcasing the female protagonist who has no guilt attached for her guilty pleasures and the ‘hero’ with a negative streak. Sunny Leone’s character of a mother, a wife, a career woman is unlike her other films where she is portrayed more as a sex-symbol. The movie also addresses issues like sexuality and gender politics, marital rape, working women in a progressive tone.

The movie has an interesting concept, but has not been treated with fineness and the narrative is inconsistent. While the beginning of the movie is still engaging, the second part goes thin barely managing to evoke any thrill or sympathy in the audience. The speech during the climax seems to be forced, but the arguments raised are well meaning.

Sunny Leone has been trying to shrug off the image set by her past career and her character in the film is strong, feisty, substantial. She has put in sincere efforts and given a good performance overall, but due to her Hindi, her dialogue delivery gets affected.

Tanuj to has successfully portrayed his character with confidence, especially the crazy obsessive side, but seems to struggle when he plays sad or drunk. Debutant Nyra Banerjee also looks hot and acts well justifying her role.

With merits and drawbacks, ‘One Night Stand’ ultimately is average and somewhat predictable, but not boring.