One By Two

‘One By Two’ is a Hindi romantic movie casting Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Devika Bhagat.

The movie was released on 31st January at around 500 screens in India. The movie was talk of the town as real life couple Abhay and Preeti acted together for the first time. The music of the movie was given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

The movie has a contemporary story showing the angst of affluent, beautiful and lonely metro youths and is set in contemporary background with stylish coffee shops, night clubs, and sophisticated offices.

The story is about Amit Sharma played by Abhay Deol, who is a nerd computer tech who cannot get over his ex. On the other side we have Samara Patel, played by Preeti Desai who is a contemporary dancer. The couple does not meet for a long time on screen but their life crosses each other in unexpected way.

Well, boredom grabs you from the time you enter into the theater. Abhay Deol is undoubtedly good, but the script demanded him to behave like a dull and lazy boy who cannot even get over his useless office colleagues. It feels that a great actor is wasted for lack of good script and screen play.

Samara has delivered an average performance. We are sure, she would have delivered an awesome performance had the team been better. The movie lacks story and fails to drive home the basic point that why was the movie made in the first place. For most of the times, the movie keeps on beating around the bush. The movie didn’t have much to offer.

Talented music composers, Shankar Ehsaan Loy were teamed in for the music of the movie. But surprisingly, their music lacks spark.

Film critic Shubra Gupta wrote, “Trying for likeability is tough when the film is saddled with a listless plot and pace.”

Another critic wrote, “Filmmakers like Devika Bhagat and actors like Abhay Deol encourage audiences to expect something different from them. Then they go and borrow bits from existing works — fecal humour from Delhi Belly; an everyman hero who is constantly being heartbroken, like Ted from How I Met Your Mother; every other clichéd trope, from mousy Bengalis to friends who first snipe at each other and then become lovers.”

Overall ‘One By Two’ is an average watch.
one by two