No Smoking

No Smoking has a script that actually goes over the top with imagination and creativity. Although the execution has good and varied ideas, despite this the screenplay is over indulgent. No Smoking has a noble message of deterring smokers, however the script simply seems absurd and the screenplay bizarre. No doubt the film’s target audience was a niche segment, however ultimately the film simply alienates itself from the audiences. Director Anurag Kashyap has simply indulged in a film that only he can relate to, however his script and screenplay only come across as over the top and absurd to audiences. No Smoking unfortunately comes across as below average.

The film has been directed by Anurag Kashyap and stars John Abraham as K, Ayesha Takia, Ranvir Shorey, Paresh Rawal, Bipasha Basu in a special appearance etc. The music has been done by Vishal Bharadwaj.

K (John) is a stubborn an arrogant guy who does as he pleases. He is a chain smoker and does what he feels like. His wife too is fed up of his chain smoking habit and only when she threatens to divorce him, he grudgingly agrees to get some help to quit smoking. His friend (Ranvir Shorey) refers him to a rehab center which is extremely different. K agrees to go to the rehab center which promises to help him quit smoking, but it is a center which has its own set of rules and regulations and once a person signs up with them, they have to comply with all the rules and regulations or face the consequences.

It is at the rehab center, that K encounters Baba Bengali (Paresh Rawal), who adopts different and truly unconventional ways to make the addict quit smoking. From chopping off one’s fingers to bumping off a family member these are just some of the eccentric measures adopted to make K quit smoking. So has K finally encountered the one person who can make him quit smoking?

No doubt the script and screenplay are unconventional; however they are also bizarre and unrealistic. As the narrative moves forth, it only seems to confuse the viewer as to what is happening. Dark sarcastic wit is incorporated in this part thriller which aims to try and always keep the viewer guessing. However the turn of events seems too absurd to comprehend and at several instances the viewer is completely lost, while the director has already moved on. Performance by John is average but the script and screenplay hinders the film. The entire film is vague and abstract.

There are too many characters who enter and exit at any point in time, the music is in keeping with the strange happenings but does not impress a listener. The dialogues too are weird. However a few sequences have an international appeal, the idea of using the comic book bubbles, the overall look and cinematography is of good quality but that alone is not enough to make the film appealing. The sequence of events is too confusing and there is not even a touch of reality incorporated.

John plays his character who is first confident and then just simply confused and later scared with a naturalness Ayesha Takia’s character is just too confusing, Ranvir Shorey as the weird friend is average and unfortunately Paresh Rawal ‘s character is simply bizarre. The characters themselves are weird and bizarre and hence the performances are unable to do anything for the film.

No Smoking has a script which is over the top, and a screenplay which is illogical and totally confusing. Anurag Kashyap does not cater to his audiences but simply indulges his own whims and fancies.