Nishabd has a bold and daring concept of an older man falling for a much younger girl.Ramgopal Varma has decided to make a film which is extremely bold in concept.He has tried to make use of shock value with his concept,however he keeps his content in check within certain boundaries.Nonethless inspite of the content not having any explicit sexual content,many of the consrvative Indian audiences will not embrace the concept freely.The film depicts a 60 year old man,Amitabh who falls for his daughter's friend,the 18 year old Jiah Khan.His wife and daughter are shocked and hurt when they find out the truth,but Amitabh own's up to his feelings for this young girl.He treasures some cherished moments with this young girl and decides that he will cherish these memories for the rest of his life instead of burying them forever.The film deals with various negative emotions,hence it has a dark and sad look throughout.The pace of the film too crawls and drags and very often nothing major seems to be happening in the screenplay.Overall the film's concept though is handled in a sensitive and understanding manner, the dark and negative emotions are brought forth in a very clear manner.Overall Ramgopal varma's portrayal and execution is satisfactory and the film is average.

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay,Jiah Khan as Jiah,Revathi,Shraddha Arya,Aftab Shivdasani and Rukhsar.The story and screenplay has been written by Kusum Punjabi and both Amitabh and Jiah have lent their voices for the film.The film's title means 'wordless' and broadly belongs to the genre of romance.Only the basic concept of an older man falling for a young girl is taken from Hollywood films like Lolita and Poison Ivy. Vijay (Amitabh)is a retired photographer who lives with his wife Revathi at a beautiful hill station in the town of Munnar. They have a daughter Ritu who comes home for her vacations and brings along her best friend Jiah who is bold,beautiful,unconventional and rebellious.Gradually over time Jiah is drawn to this older man who is her best friend's father but instead of running away,she confronts these feelings head on.Vijay too gets drawn into an unexplainable attraction for this pretty young girl.Both Jiah and Vijay begin to spend time with each and share some beautiful,poignant moments with each other in the same house where his wife and daughter reside. At first his wife and daughter are too naieve to figure out the growing relationship between the older man and the young girl, but gradually Ritu learns of this complex relationship between her father and best friend.

When the truth is out in the open and everyone knows of the relationship,there is a heavy price to pay.But Vijay admits to his feelings instead of denying them.He gradually accepts that there was never any future to this relationship with the young girl,however he still chooses an uncoventional path.

Ramgopal uses his two main protagonists Amitabh and Jiah to depict each and every emotion,negative or positive,he makes use of his characters in an extremely adept and unique manner.His characters express their emotions extremely poignantly through their eyes,body language and through their sheer intensity.The developing relationship between Amitabh and Jiah has been portrayed very well.Varma tackles the taboo subject sensitively and does not openly portray a sexual or physical attraction but leaves it to the viewer to gauge an understanding of the relationship.This is probably Varma's way of trying to make the concept palatable.The look of the film is done extremely well,cinematography by Amit is first rate.The beautiful locales down south are breath taking and the background score in the film is efficient.

However there are several loopholes in the script too,like the relationship between Amitabh and Jiah which develops in the very same house as his wife and daughter and the fact that they have no inkling of it seems a bit overstretched.The pace seems to drag on endlessly and even the end seems to be abrupt and quite a disappointment.In fact it seems like the ending depicted that Varma did not have enough conviction in carrying forth the bold theme that he began with.The end also seems a bit unrealistic.

Performances are exceptional,Amitabh Bachchan expresses the nuances of his character through his eyes and facial expresssions and once again he delivers a note worthy performance.He adds a dignified but yet sympathetic angle to his character.Newcomer Jiah too delivers a fairly good performance due to her supreme confidence onscreen.Revathi is extremely adept in portraying her character and Shraddha Arya is efficient.Overall the performances lend a fairly great deal to the film.

The film has been executed in a fairly decent manner,but unfortunately it is the bold concept that may hinder the rise of the film.At the box-office it may not really make it to the average mark due to the unconventional subject,moreover it may have average bussiness in multiplexes but at metros and other more conservative cities it may witness extremely poor bussines.Nonethless the film is definitely average.

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