New York

New YorkTruth is always gripping and so is ‘’ as it deals with the unforgettable 9/11 attack in the United States Of America. Director Kabir Khan has done an extensive research about various facets of the US law and administration before putting his hand on the subject. Dealing with such a sensitive and terror subject is not a matter of joke. The trauma that the people have gone through after the attack, how the administration reacted to the violence and how the attack in the US proved a curse for the Muslims are brought alive after seven years. The torture meted out to the Muslims by the US government on the ground of doubts is being lifted up in the picture.

The film starts off really well and progresses very steadily. The bonding among the three friends and how they are drifted apart, how after several years they encounter with one another, the terror attacks in the USA and how the FBI deals with the turmoil and what tricks they played to catch the culprit are well captured in the film. As the film unveils, it grips your interest and the second part is equally absorbing. The screenplay is watertight; music is average but two songs ‘Junoon’ and ‘Mere Sang’ scores high. The much talked about chemistry between John and Katrina proves true. John’s torture scenes are brilliantly shot. 

Coming to the storyline, ‘
’ speaks about the life of three friends Sameer (), Maya () and Omar (). Their friendship grew up in college and they really bonded well. But Sameer and Maya’s friendship moved one step ahead. They fell in love with one another without Omar’s knowledge. When Omar came to know about their love relationship, his heart broke-up because he too loves Maya but never expressed his feeling to her. Totally heart-broken, Omar went away from the world of Sameer and Maya.

But destiny has fixed meeting among the three friends again. Omar again landed in the life of Sameer but this time not as a friend, he came to his life as a spy sent him by an FBI agent Roshan (Irfan Khan). Police framed Omar of transporting illegal weapons just to arrest him and sent to his friend Sameer again. On knowing that Sameer was the suspected culprit of the attack, Omar fell from the sky, he got ready to help the police on one condition that after Sameer was proved guilty, they should not put him to death. After seven years when both friends met without knowing Omar’s intention, Sameer narrated what he has gone through in his life. He is married to Maya and they are parents of a sweet kid Damielle. What happens to Sameer after meeting Omar forms the rest of the story.

Speaking about direction, Kabir Khan handled the script flawlessly. The exotic locations of
are a treat for the eyes. Cinematography, screenplay was striking.

played his role pretty well, the expressions like love, fear, tension, pain was impressive. has come up from the beauty territory and able to bring expression to her face. It was her best performance till date. was equally good. He has grasped his role well and expressed it in the right way. Irfan Khan was as usual intense and natural.

’ ends up well. It has kept its promise and won’t disappoint its audience. Worth watching.