Naya Daur

No hi-fi action, no superb looking sets, no jazzed up heros and heroines but what one takes home is an extremely simple story told with utmost simplicity but one that depicts the triumph and victory of an individuals ideals and beliefs. Naya Daur has an extremely conventional setting of a village, the locations and the actors are simplistic. The film deals with the struggle of a villager against technology and its effect on the villagers. Shankar is a simple but lovable tongawala who decides to race against a bus to simply prove that technology is not a driving force but human spirit and capability is the superior factor. The characters are simple but yet endearing in their own ways and it is their simplicity that makes the audiences feel for them. The film also sends out a message to those of us who often just accept technology without giving a thought to its various consequences. In fact even after so many years it holds relevance and still gives a message to society that if an individual has the determination he can achieve what he believes in. A worthy classic film.

The film has been produced and directed by B.R Chopra and belongs to the genre of family dramas. The film’s story has been written by Saeed Mirza and the film stars Dilip Kumar as Shankar, Ajit, Jeevan, Vyjayantimala as Rajni, Nasir Hussain, Johny Walker etc. The music has been composed by O P Nayyar.

Dilip Kumar is the humble villager Shankar who takes up the cause of the villagers against the ruthless landholder. The rich landholder wants to bring in technology to the village but at the cost of the villagers livelihood. The landholder wants to bring in the technology driven bus for transport in the village which would cut into the humble tongawala’s earnings (Horse driven carriage). So Shankar takes on a seemingly impossible challenge. He takes on the challenge of racing the bus with his tonga. His belief, his ability, his effort to fulfill this challenge is what makes his character as well as the film stand out.

The story by Saeed Mirza itself is worthy of mention as it has a timelessness attached to it. Today’s films often forget that a story is required to capture and convey the message of a film. Also the film has a social message of the triumph of human spirit which today’s films are rarely concerned about. Today it is all about entertaining and delivering a message through films has been forgotten. The simplicity of the setting and characters is apt as it is a rural location. The coloured effect and the sound quality which has been enhanced works in favour of the film. The musical score is nostalgic and evergreen even today.

Dilip Kumar may not wear fancy clothes of the latest fashion and may not have a stylized hair cut but his simplicity, boyish charm and strong ideals is what makes him appealing. He gives his character honesty. Vyjayantimala is a timeless beauty and she too looks vulnerable and adorable as the heroine. All the characters no matter how small their parts fit their roles perfectly and do a brilliant job.

However not many have ventured out to go and take a look at this film as they feel it is a relic. But the film is not a relic but a classic and even today manages to engross its audiences. It is truly a fine film that is worth a watch. A film that will revive your belief in human spirit and simplicity.