Naksha has a striking resemblance to the Hollywood flick ‘Indiana Jones’, the film belongs to the adventure genre and has loads of action, stunts, great visuals and is stylishly shot. However apart from all these, the film centers on an age-old mythology which involves searching for hidden treasures. The negative force comes in the form of the mythological treasure falling into the wrong hands. The role of the heroes is to guard the legacy of the treasure and save it from falling into the hands of evil forces. It’s a refreshing theme where mythology meets adventure, though it may not be a novel theme, it is a kind of film that comes as a respite from all the moralistic, nationalistic and other preachy films. Naksha aims only to entertain and that it manages to do. As for the content it may not be intense and captivating but the fun and adventurous quotient still remains. A time-pass entertainer is how one could describe Naksha.

Naksha has been produced by Akshay Bajaj and directed by debutante Sachin Bajaj. The film basically revolves around a map which shows the secret route to an age-old treasure that has mythological powers. However the journey to this secret place is no easy feat and the characters experience a bounty full of adventure on their route and there is also loads of action that happens en route. The star cast involves Sunny Deol as Veer, Vivek Oberoi as Vicky, Sameera Reddy as Riya and Jackie Shroff as Bali Bhaiyya. The rest of the character actors include Mridula Chadrashekhar, Suhasini Mulay, Navni Parihar and Lilliput. The screenplay has been written by Milap Zaveri and Tushar Hiranandani and the music has been composed by Pritam Chakraborty.

The film begins with the death of Professor Kapil Malhotra (Trilok Malhotra), an archeologist who died trying to safeguard the secret map which led to the mythological treasure from Bali (Jackie) an archeologist whose thirst for knowledge was overshadowed by his greed for power and money. When the professor dies he leaves behind two families, two wives and a son each. After many years Vicky (Vivek), a fun flirtatious guy with no particular aim or ambition except to have fun in life finds a copy of the map in his home by chance. When Vicky finds out that the map is related to the death of his father, he decides to follow the route of the map and find out what was the secret that his father gave up his life for. Once more the evil Bali returns to try and get the ‘Naksha’ which will open the doors of power and money for him. In the hope of attaining the map, Bali captures Vicky and takes him as hostage.

Now on Vicky’s mother’s (Navni) request, his older step brother who is also a forest officer Veer (Sunny) intervenes and saves his step bro from the evil clutches of Bali. Now the two of them along with a TV reporter Riya (Sameera) who is doing a travel show join hands and decide to follow the Naksha. En route they face many obstacles, nature’s forces as well as those by the villain Bali. Will they be able to follow the Naksha, cross all the hurdles and find out what the secret treasure is?

Naksha is a visually striking film, the locations are breathtaking and the action sequences along with the special effects are spectacular indeed. The director Sachin needs to be credited for his slick and visually appealing film. Apart from all the action the chemistry between Sunny and Vivek is handled quite well too incorporating several light moments into the film. Writers Milap and Tushar have interwoven several different aspects like adventure, action, humour, romance and even drama quite aptly into the script. Director Sachin has carried forth his vision on celluloid quite well; his execution especially of the action scenes and the special effects definitely needs to be commended.

Nonetheless there are some weak points like the several song and dance routines which do not look convincing in the jungles and cold mountainous regions. The romantic angle between Sameera and Vivek does not get much scope and even the presence of Sameera as travel show reporter is not really convincing. However the mythological aspect seems a bit far-fetched, nonetheless it works as a whole perspective for the film.

Sunny-Vivek share an amazing on-screen chemistry and their playful ribbing is quite entertaining. There are some brilliant stunts and action sequences in the film like the amazing jump from the cliff by the three protagonists which is just hair-raising, Sunny Deol’s grandiose entry, the jeep stunt and the rafting stunt also keep you riveted to the screen. Allan Amin, the action director has given some first-rate stunts and they are truly top-notch. Vijay Arora’s cinematography is fantastic and depicts the jungles, the mountains and snow clad peaks with fervor. Even the sets erected have been done excellently. The music score by Pritam is entertaining and the groovy tracks that are likeable are ‘U & I’ and ‘Shake it’, ‘Jat Yamla’ is worth watching to check out Sunny dancing to the tunes of this number.

Performances too are equally spontaneous and efficient. Sunny Deol entertains in a novel way after a long time and also does not display his usual over the top histrionics, but is more restrained. Vivek Oberoi plays the cool, fun dude efficiently, his light fun side too comes across well, and his performance is able. Unfortunately even though Sameera looks pretty and gets to do a stunt or two, her character does not really have much to do, nonetheless she is good eyecandy at least and her performance passes off as average. Also Sameera and Vivek look fine together on-screen. Jackie Shroff as the bad guy is just about okay but does not come across as fierce enough. The rest of the cast is able in their parts.

Naksha is a light entertainer; it has action, adventure and thrills galore, doses of humour and arresting stunts and special effects. All these qualities make it worthwhile watching as it delivers full time-pass entertainment. Unfortunately though the pre-release hype for Naksha was not up to the mark which may dampen its prospects at the box-office. However the film will be a total mass appealing film and after the Lage Raho Munnabhai phase, may pick up a bit. At the box-office it should atleast attain an average status.

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