Mission Istanbul

Mission IstanbulIn spite of inclusion of all high tech equipments and overloaded of heavy stunts, fails in all aspects. How the underworld terrorist group carry out their function has been depicted in the movie but in spite of all those researches and depiction of real character into reel, the film falls short and marked as another debacle of the year. Apoorva Lakia has included more heavy loaded stuff than compared to Shootout At Lokhandwala. But everything is naught when the story itself is void. carries no logic, no depth, no theme and also it headed towards nowhere.  

Style, action and item numbers have created much hype but when the film hit the marquee, it turned out to be a disaster. Too much of exaggeration seems to be indigestible on the part of the audience and as expected they declared it a flop show. Only high tech usage and over showcase of action will not take a film to zenith, a balanced, logical and powerful theme is the requisite of a successful flick. On watching it, one would definitely feel as how a filmmaker can make such a worthless film that lacks in proper sense.

As the name suggests, the film delves into the situation of Afghanistan. The terrorist group Al quaida has been mentioned here indirectly, Afghanistan TV channel Al Jajeera has been renamed as Al Johara. Vikas Sagar () is a famous TV journalist in India and he has a direct access to interview the terrorist group of Afghanistan. With an aim to set up their own TV channel in India, Al Johara have invited Vikas for a 3 month orientation program. 

Vikas whose married life with Anjali (Shriya Saran) was on the verge of separation had finally ended when he accepted to go to Istanbul and work for Al Johara. On reaching there, he has been welcomed by his boss Gazni (Niketan Dheer) and colleague Owais Hussain (Suniel Shetty). So sooner he started his work, threatening, murder, conspiracy started to haunt him. He was warned not to enter into the 13 floor of the TV tower as all secret missions have been carried out from here.

As a first assignment, Gazni assigned Vikas to arrange an exclusive interview with Khalil, an Abu Nazir operative, who has kidnapped Western tourists. During that mission, Hussain was shot dead and at his funeral Vikas came in contact with the mysterious Rizwan Khan (Viviek Oberoi). Rizwan informed Vikas how the dirty game of terror been operated by the channel.  He informed that Al Johara is the mouthpiece of the terrorist group.

Rizwan joins hand with Vikas to vanish terror as he lost his family in a terrorist attack. And from that day, they moved with the ultimate aim to destroy terrorism. They unlocked the 13th floor where all the evidences regarding them are preserved. As happens usually in Hindi film, their mission has been fulfilled.

Nothing extraordinary can be spoken regarding the performances of the main protagonists. The acting of all spells very dry. , , , failed to leave any mark. Director Apoorva Lakia’s mission to make a remarkable terror film just wasted.

On the whole, will be beaten up badly at the box-office. It is a warning for those who are thinking to make a film at terrorism at the backdrop. The film is a big flop.