Milenge Milenge

Milenge MilengeIf had released ‘’ with Kareena and at the time when their love story was at the pick then chances of failure would have been minimal. When he made the film, he was sure that the audience will love to see the romance of reel life couple in any form. With this aim in mind, he made ‘’. But unfortunately things went against his plan. Due to some reason, the film did not see the light of the day then and when he released the film the couple already split wide apart. The film hit the theatre five years after it was made and when the film hit the silver screen, audience already lost interest in watching them.

Few portions of the film were left to be filmed and hence it was tough for the makers to bring the separated couple together to conclude the film. It has made news for all wrong reasons that Shahid and Kareena has been delaying the film and they are not ready to shoot again. Whatever after repeated request, the filming was over and finally it hit the theatre. But as ill luck would have stuck, the film drastically failed and could not impress the audience. They did not accept the couple together again. The promo in many ways tried to appeal the audience with tagline saying that the couple is back together, so and so but ultimately, things did not work out. It’s different that the result of the film will not affect Kareena and Shahid’s career graph.

The story encircles around Kareena Kapoor (Priya) and (Immy). Priya and Immy are two opposite characters. Priya is focused, well planned and she knows what she wants in her life, she has already framed her dream man and the habits that he should not possess. Lie, alcohol, smoking are strict no, no for her. She wants her man free of all those bad habits. She is a stern believer of tarot reading and she believes in the word of tarot reader (Kiron Kher). It was predicted that she would get her dream man in Bangkok. With the hope to meet her dream man, she went to Bangkok.

By some means, Immy got in his hand Priya’s diary where she has written about her dream man and the qualities that he should possess. Immy decided to play prankster on Priya and he showed that he inherits all the qualities that she has been looking for. Priya falls for Immy and their love story took birth. Everything was going fine in their life until one fine day; her diary came to her hand which was kept in Immy’s room. By that time, Immy had already developed a genuine feeling for Priya. One day, she caught Immy red-handed in a bar discussing with his friends as what game he has played upon her. Unable to bear the wrong, Priya separated from Immy.

Heartbroken Immy went to the US for studies and returns after two years. Now he is actually a changed man. He is exactly the same that Priya always wants. Priya too moved in her life and became a successful music video director. But destiny had stored something else for them. Priya falls in love with a pop singer and decided to marry him. One day, again Priya and Immy crossed each other’s path in Delhi and they renew their relationship. How Priya’s hatred for Immy converted into love forms the rest of the story.

was awesome at some instances. Himesh Reshammiya’s music was just ok. Cinematography is satisfactory. Speaking about performances, this time Shahid and Kareena’s chemistry fail to impress the audience though both played their part well. Aarti Chhabria has little scope to enact. Delnaaz Paul as Kareena's friend, Sarfaraz Khan as Shahid's friend and Satish Shah was just fine. Kirron Kher, Himani Shivpuri are wasted.

In the nutshell, ‘
’ will do an average business in the box office and won’t able to impress the audience.