Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus’ is a Hindi thriller comedy movie written and directed by Saurabh Varma. The movie was released on 25th October and casted Elli Avram, Manish Paul, Manish Chaudhary and Puja Gupta in the lead roles. The movie is produced by DAR motion pictures in association with Awesome Films Pvt. Limited and Trilogic Digital Media Limited. The film was made on a budget of Rs.11 crores.

Saurabh Varma as a debutant director has done a commendable job. The movie does not stand out but is surely an interesting piece of work with much to offer. Even the newbie Manish Paul and Elli Avram have commendable performance.

‘Mickey Virus’ is good in parts and bits. When it’s entertaining, it is awesome but when it lags, the monotony drags for a longer duration. The movie has the backdrop of internet hacking as its story. The director has tried to create a semblance between the lead cast, Manish Paul (Mickey Arora) and the cricketing hero Sehwag. Mickey Arora sells himself to the police officer by calling himself as ‘hacking ki duniya ka Sehwag’. Mickey Arora is roped in by Delhi police to solve a hacking case which included the murder of two foreigners. Mickey is one creature from Malviya nagar of Delhi who has the caliber of cracking any code and can hack any account. He is a fast talking, cocky young guy. Paul has tried to get into the character but has fallen hard at places.

Elli Avram (Kamayani George) works in a high profile bank. One night she transfers a huge sum of money to an unintended account. Mickey Arora helps her to stop the transfer as she resembles Kung-fu Chameli, which was a videogame character created by Mickey. He pursues her and she easily gives in to his advances.

Later it was found out that some foul play was going on related to bank transfers and the innocent and harmless Mickey finds himself in the centre of controversy. He tries to clean himself. The climax falls flat and  lifeless. But there are a few light hearted laughs as Mickey turns as ‘Bhag Mickey Bhag’.

Over all, the movie is a good effort by the debutant team. Songs could have been better. Also, the local dialect of Delhi has been used in a number of recent movies, making it quite hackneyed. ‘Mickey Virus’ can be included in the weekend program.
mickey virus