Main Aur Mrs Khanna

Main Aur Mrs KhannaRomantic story is always an area of great interest. Audience love to watch it even today but on one condition if it is told in a different way and given a different treatment. As far as

is concerned, it speaks about the same ordinary story of love, separation, and misunderstanding. The story has been told in a simple way but doesn’t sound thrilling, it has the feeling of old wine served in a new bottle. Star cast was powerful but director Prem Soni did not able to make full use of their talent. He as a director proved successful but as a writer he failed to dominate.

The hype surrounds the film was much but it fails to stand up to the expectation of the audience. It speaks about relationship much of a complicated relationship and how does a relationship suffer due to unwanted circumstances. The film lacks emotions and feelings. The happiness or agony of the characters cannot reach to your heart. The inconsistency in the film was quite visible. Most of the sequences seems like dropping from nowhere. It is a conventional love story which starts and ends like any other love stories.

The story basically revolves around three characters, Samir (
), Raina (Kareena Kapoor) and Akash (). Samir falls for orphan Raina in the first meeting and married her against his parents wish. They settled down in Melbourne. Life was very beautiful until Samir’s professional career doomed due to his wrong decisions. To support the family, Raina worked as a waitress and jobless Samir wondered here and there for another scope. Fortunately, Samir gets an opportunity to work in Singapore and shape his career again.

They left for the airport together but their destination was different. He first wanted to settle down in Singapore and then wanted to take Raina with him. At the airport, when Samir hand over Raina her ticket to India, she was shocked as well as shattered to know that Samir is leaving her behind all alone. But Raina’s life doesn’t stop here; she was noticed by Akash and offered her help. Her friend Nina (Nauheed) came to her rescue. She arranged a job for Raina through a friend (Mahek Chahal) and therefore Raina decides to stay back in Australia.

Incidentally, Raina gets a job at the jewelry shop situated opposite that of Akash’s café. Gradually, friendship developed between the two and Akash in spite of knowing her marital status desired to marry Raina. The story takes a twist when Samir reached Melbourne to take Raina along with him.

Prem Soni has treated some scenes exceptionally well but let down in some. Dialogues are remarkable at places and music by Sajid-Wajid is ear-soothing. The cinematography is top-notch. The exotic locales of Melbourne are eye-catching.

Speaking about performances,
showed maturity in delivering his dialogue and was fine with his performance, Kareena Kapoor was outstanding. Sohail played his part well. Yash, Mahek and Nauheed did not get much scope but they were all right. Special appearance by Deepika Padukone, Preity Zinta, Dino Morea and Bappi Lahiri added to the flavor of the film.

The film in short let down the expectation of the audience. It will run a hard time at the box office when on the same day comedy ‘All The Best’ and underwater thriller ‘Blue’ are releasing.