LuckSoham Shah’s promises a death-defying stunt and it has justified its statement to a great extent. High class stunts like underwater sequences, revolver tuning, the helicopter scene, the train scene will surely raise your goose bumps and we can say is a high standard action film that Bollywood ever has. But the million dollar question is what did not work in favor of the film. Above all those actions, the main element that a film should have is the script. seems more like a reality show than a feature film. Now-a-days, death defying and action rich reality shows are gaining so popularity and if one gets swayed away by those shows cannot be blamed.  

Technically, the film is very strong. You will get hooked up in the first hour but as it progresses towards the end, you will slowly start to loose interest. The film has a huge star cast, loads of unbelievable action that makes it a must watch. The film shows how for money, people put their life into death. They gamble their life and ready to risk their precious life due to helplessness. There is a boss over them who runs the business and who offers them to perform stunts that may put them into the mouth of death also.

Moosa (Sanjay Dutt) bets people lives. He runs a betting organization. Not on any games but Moosa bets human lives, they are offered dare devil stunts and if win they gets huge sum to satisfy their needs. For the participants, their
plays an important role for them. People fight against bad to survive. Helping Moosa to flourish his industry is Tamang (). Every year, the game of life has been organized and 20 participants from around the world who have a record of extreme come here and try their . The rich puts money on them through Moosa. Four most prominent participants among those 20 is Imran (Ram) a young lad who ardently wants a big sum to compensate the loss of 20 crores that his fraud father lend from the market. Ayesha (Shruti) gets into the game for some personal reasons. Retd. Col Singh (Mithun) desperately in need of money for his wife’s treatment. Shortcut, (Chitrashi) a Pakistani camel racer girl also put her life into danger to buy a Lexus with the prize money and last but not the least Raghav (Ravi Kissen) a serial murderer badly wants a big sum.

What happens to the participant after they put their life into risky stunts, will
favors them and will they able to get out of the task successfully, who wins the biggest jackpot forms the rest of the film.

stands high in respect of style. Soham’s skill in visualizing a film is top class but he fails to add more ingredients to his script. Amar Mohile’s background score is highly energetic. Santosh Thundiyil's cinematography stands very close to international level. Salim-Sulaiman’s music is topnotch. Allan Amin's stunts and thrills are the main attraction of the film.

Speaking about performances, Sanjay Dutt as a gangster always suits best and here too he excels. Mithun and Danny are as usual superb.
shows much growth in acting. has star factor but needs to improve her dialogue delivery.

In the nutshell,
will have differences in choice. Some group will enjoy it while some would not like the heavy stunts. In the box office, if not lucky to make huge turnover, the film is likely to do an average business.