Love Story 2050

Many love stories are made in Bollywood; some love stories remain immortal in the hearts of the people while some just goes unnoticed and unappreciated. First time ever in Hindi cinema a love story has been made totally based on sci-fi. Harry Baweja has left no stone unturned to construct the launching pad of his son Harman Baweja. All modern techniques have been implicated to make the film a full three hours entertaining package. The film moves smoothly at the first hour but at times you will feel like it is getting into your nerves. The film is titled Love Story but the script lacks in love and emotions and it is overloaded with special effects. The main drawback of Love Story 2050 is the script. Love gets hidden behind flying cars, biometric IDs, virtual salesmen, life-like robots, video game wars and talking teddy bears.

The first part is fine; second half is entertaining while the last 30 minutes makes you feel suffocated. You have to find ways to strict to your seat. Looking at the flawless directional work of Harry, one could analyze that he had spend a sleepless night to fabricate Love Story 2050. If not among the adults, the film will work fantastically among the children.  

The script is strong, star cast is powerful, locations are exotic and songs are soulful. All this and many more things have made Love Story 2050 worth watching. The heavy graphics, overloads of science, animations are the main attractions. Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja look great together and their pair is expected to rule in future. The character Boo has also added to the entertaining factor. The facts that make Love Story 2050 fall short is the length, it extends more than three hours and the special effects and graphics at times get very monotonous. The way Love Story 2050 been promoted; we hope it to be a futuristic film but it failed to live up to our expectation.   

It is a story of Karan (Harman Baweja) and Sana (Priyanka Chopra). Both are of opposite nature but as we say opposite attract, they finally come nearer to each other. But their relationship was short life as Sana one day met with an accident and left the world. During her life time, Sana expressed her desire to see how Mumbai will look 42 years ahead through the time machine that Karan’s uncle Dr. Yatinder Khanna's (Boman Irani) has made and unluckily her wish had taken her life.  

And then starts the roller coaster journey of Karan. With the help of the time machine, Karan entered into the world of 2050 and finds Sana in the image of pop star Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra). There Karan had to fight against many evils to get Zeisha. And finally he becomes successful in winning her.  

Direction by Harry Baweja is praise worthy. Cinematography by Vijay Arora is excellent. Choreography is topnotch. Dialogues by Mayur Puri is situational. Set by Omung Kumar is creditable. 

Now speaking about the performances, it is true that Harman Baweja’s mannerism and looks resemblance to heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. His acting also gives us an impression of Hrithik. Whether it is his original style or deliberately following him cannot be judged but yes he is the best. If we keep Hrithik factor aside, we can call Harman the future star. He has all the potential and energy to make a niche in Bollywood. His acting seems to be like an experienced actor. He is top grade. 

Speaking about Priyanka, she was looking excellent but her acting was nothing exceptional. Her chemistry with Harman was remarkable. Her much talked about red hair garners some attention. 

We expected Love Story 2050 to show us our future 42 years from now but when it unfolds, we did not find anything unique other than a simple children’s cartoon picture with heavy graphics. The collection of the film will seemingly drop consecutively. Harry had spent a huge amount but unfortunately it failed to show any magic. But he need not have to worry about it as his son Harman had showed the world that he has the potential to make things big by his superb acting talent and great screen presence. His acting has been accredited by all.