Life Express

Life ExpressThe concept of ‘’ has been tried many times in Bollywood. There is no any harm to repeat an old theorem in a new way but it should be executed properly. The concept of ‘Surrogate Mother’ has been put into celluloid many times but ‘’ fails drastically due to poor execution. It falls in the line of ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’ and ‘Chori Chori…’ itself was inspired from an old Hindi film ‘Doosri Dulhan’. Its like a old wine in a new bottle.

Audience love to see a film inspired from the other but it should be properly executed, made interesting and may not have the feeling that they are watching an uninteresting movie. ‘’ is a very poor film, poorly executed and there is no any peak point or thrilling moments. What actually the filmmaker is trying to convey through the film is not yet known. Two families of constructing status are shown in the film. One is rich, career comes first for them and the other is poor, despite living below poverty line, they believe in living together and give priority to family.

It’s a story about urban society couple Tanvi [], Nikhil [Kiran Janjani] and rural couple Gauri (), Mohan (Yashpal Sharma). Tanvi and Nikhil are both working personnel. Tanvi does not want to conceive as she feels that pregnancy will be a barrier in her progress as she wants to continue her work without any break to prosper but pregnancy means keeping away from work for few months. Nikhil and Tanvi decided to hire a womb so that Tanvi can carry on with her work without any break and they also get their own child.

Gauri who is living hand to mouth with her husband Mohan has decided to give her womb on rent for money. She accepted to become a surrogate mother. What happens next after Gauri gives her womb on rent forms the rest of the story.

Many problem lies with ‘’. The story cannot justify the title. Anup Das’s story could not touch the chord of the heart. Mandira Chakraborty and Shailendra Tyagi’s screenplay is also weak. The film could not bring out the emotions in a proper manner. The film was not moving forward and it looks like repetitive. Dialogues by Chakraborty and Tyagi are also not touchy.

Speaking about performances, acts well. Kiran Jhanjani was average. was the best among all. Yashpal Sharma also performed well. Alok Nath, Nandita Puri, Vijayendra Ghatge, Dayashanker Pandey and Anjan Shrivastav all were fine.

In the nutshell, ‘’ fail to impress its audience. The story sounds same for the audience. Not convincing at all.