LamhaaKashmir has always been an inspiration for the Bollywood filmmakers. It has got many stories to be filmed and so it always interests the filmmakers. In the past, many films told about the terror of Kashmir but what catches the interest of Dholakia’s ‘’ is the tagline. The tagline of the film which goes as, ‘The Untold Story of Kashmir’ builds the excitement. The tagline compels us to think what the filmmakers missed to put in the celluloid. On looking at the promo, one has already got an indication as what the films is all about? It’s all about the terror, pain and agony that the inhabitants of Kashmir went through. To a great extent, the film justifies the tagline.

favors speaking reality in his films. Be it or his last flick, ‘Parzania’ which spoke about Gujarat riots in 2002, he lifts up the dark picture of the states. Like ‘Parzania’, ‘’ depicts the political movements of Kashmir, terrorism, bloodshed, militancy etc. At the same time, the director also did not ignore to uplift the beauty of the state. How two hearts mingle at the side of the Dal Lake is wonderfully picturized. It also shows how the ‘heaven on earth’ has been tuned into hell by the militants. tells the 1989 story of Azad Kashmir.

’ is a film about Kashmir and its people. Intelligence officer Vikram () has been sent to Kashmir to kill the insurgency. On landing at the spot, he could smell some major terror attack. At the same time, Haji (Anupam Kher), leader of a political party just escaped death following a major bomb blast at the state. Sanjay landed in Kashmir at the time of election. Aziza played by works in the accomplishing Haji’s mission. She played an active part in fulfilling the mission of Haji. He has been fighting against the Indian government since 1989. Another supporter of Haji named Aatif, played by who also wants to see a glooming Kashmir again went ahead to contest in the elections and win over his people and the province.

Vikram’s way of entering the territory of the militants is altogether different. He supports Aziza in her endeavor. Since Aziza and Aatif looks towards the same goal, love bloom between them. Will Haji’s dream of free Kashmir will be accomplished and how Vikram destroys the dynasty of the demons forms the rest of the story.

The screenplay of ‘’ was very strong at some point but in some instances, it was very disappointing. One hardly accepts this piece of work from Raghav Dhar and . Even the dialogue written by Sai Kabir, Ashwath Bhatt does not justify the script. Music does not have mesmerizing effect. What is most striking about the film is the beauty of Kashmir which was so real and soothing.

Speaking about performances, fails to impress this time. His appearance does not go with his character. tried hard to get into the blood of the character but the result was not hundred percent. has little scope to act.

On the whole, ‘’ has nothing new to offer. It is like any other Bollywood films. It is an average flick which cannot pull a mass audience to the theatres.