Krrish- The Indian Superhero is a highly anticipated film for several reasons. Firstly it’s the first movie in Indian Cinema to attempt the making of an Indian superhero that is bound to be compared to the popular superheroes like Superman and Spiderman. Secondly it is a sequel to the box-office hit film Koi..Mil Gaya. And finally it stars Hrithik Roshan who will be seen after a long hiatus.

Well Krrish as an Indian Superhero definitely works, Rakesh Roshan has adapted his character and the story in an extremely engaging manner. Krrish has opened up the genre of superheroes and science fiction in Indian cinema. It has proved that the Indian audiences has matured and have now accepted novel and intriguing themes that till now were only the domain of Hollywood. Another feather in the cap for the father-son duo Rakesh-Hrithik is that they have made their sequel work extremely well. The film has been produced, directed and written by Rakesh Roshan. Krrish stars Hrithik Roshan (Krishna/Krrish/Rohit), Priyanka Chopra (Priya), Rekha(grandmother Sonia Mehra), Naseeruddin Shah (Dr. Siddhant Arya) and Preity Zinta (Nisha) in a special appearance.

Krrish takes of from Koi..Mil Gaya. Jadoo the alien befriends Rohit due to which he gets supernatural powers. Rohit then wants to use this gift for the benefit of mankind. So he decides to help Dr Siddhant Arya in Singapore who is a renowned scientist and wants to develop a computer that enables one to look into their future. He convinces the gifted Rohit that they will be developing this device to help the world. The naive Rohit agrees and after many years of hard work finally develops the futuristic computer. But unfortunately he realizes that the scientist was misusing his talents. Hence he destroys his creation.

At the same time his wife, Nisha and his mother are anxiously awaiting his arrival back home. Nisha finally gives birth to their son, Krishna. This lad inherits the great supernatural powers gifted to his father. Unfortunately after his birth his mother and grandmother receive the news of the death of Rohit. Nisha is distraught and in her grief she too passes away. Krishna is brought up by his grandmom in a beautiful but small village. Because of his supernatural powers his grandmom never lets Krishna venture away from their home. She wants to protect and shield him from this terrible world, which killed her son.

But fate has other plans in store for the mesmerizing and powerful Krishna. He has immense powers, he climbs the mountains and passes through rivers, he runs as fast as the wind and scales the treetops and mountains. He is stronger than any human being and his friends are the birds and animals in the jungles. Krishna has everything, but he is still lonely as he has no friends of his own age. So when Priya comes to his town with her friends on an adventure trip, he is smitten by her beauty and friendly nature. He befriends her and shows her many of his talents. She too is in awe of the young village lad’s skills. But alas she has to return back home.

Krishna is distraught after Priya leaves and wants to pursue her and bring her back. At first his grandmom is reluctant, but later on she agrees to let him go to Singapore. Fate has brought him to the same land that his father had come to. Krishna and Priya are delighted in each other’s company. One day while visiting a circus, after an act the circus catches fire and there are a few children trapped inside. Krishna is torn between his promise to his grandmother not to reveal his supernatural powers and between saving these children who are trapped in the fire. Finally he decides to don a mask and he saves all the children. But now everyone is on the lookout for this amazing masked man and Krishna who has now become Krrish finds himself in the middle of all the chaos.

From here on destiny and his superpowers intervene where he takes on the evil scientist who had attempted to kill his father. He now has to save the world from the evils of Dr Siddhant Arya.

Krrish has a balanced dose of all the right ingredients, romance, action, emotion and finally the superhero aspect. The screenplay of Krrish has oodles of drama and action. Rakesh Roshan’s writing and direction makes the product unique and brilliant. The portion where Hrithik is introduced in the film has been done with finesse. The action sequences by Tony and Shyam Kaushal are superb and the special effects by the internationally acclaimed EFX are spellbinding. The effects are nothing like you’ve seen in Indian Cinema. Santosh’s cinematography be it the beautiful village or the stunning visuals of Singapore are first rate. Writers Roshan, Khurana, Honey Irani, Sachin and Robin Bhatt have also managed to incorporate a novel surprise element at the end and the final climax scene is also exceptional. On the whole Krrish is a brilliant movie.

There are a few glitches though like the pre-interval period which introduces the characters. The entire period is solely devoted to the romantic angle between the leads, which is far too much time. The romantic angle is stretched out for too long. Also there are too many songs, which interrupt the narrative. And the film could have been edited more adeptly as it seemed a tad too long.

However in spite of the fact that there were too many songs, the music score by Rajesh Roshan was nice enough and the picturisations only served to enhance them. Hrithik’s agile dancing moves were a treat as usual. In spite of Krrish having a simple story of a superhero coming to the rescue of the world, it works as the execution has been carried out well and it is perhaps only the beginning for India’s first superhero. Even the cinematic liberties taken in the film do not manage to disrupt the final product. The film indeed lives up to audiences expectations and much more.

Hrithik Roshan is a splendid and versatile actor. No other Indian hero would perhaps manage to portray the role of an Indian superhero with so much poise and élan. The actor is brilliant and carries each role, the village lad and the superhero extremely well. Be it an emotional sequence or that of an action sequence he is first rate. His look and attire is befitting of a superhero. His long locks, village attire, urban wear and the long overcoat with the mask is definitely interesting and appealing. Even in the end, the sequence that shows Rohit Mehra as an aged old man, his look is simply exceptional. The parts where the superhero sheds tears makes you realize that he too is human in spite of the supernatural powers and the scenes are extremely emotional and touching. In simple words Hrithik Roshan is a big part that makes Krrish work.

Priyanka Chopra is as pretty as ever and she plays the role of the girl next door well. Rekha as the grandmom is quite good too, but her make up and styling could have been better. This is the first time she has played the role of a grandmother and she has given a decent performance. Naseeruddin Shah as the evil scientist is very good. His eccentric quirky way of reciting the breaking news is very catchy and innovative. The rest of the cast who play character roles like Hemant Pandey, Manini Mishra and Archana Puran Singh deliver an able performance.

Finally Rakesh Roshan’s vision and direction are exceptional. He has managed to create enthusiasm for his superhero, using amazing special effects intertwined with a good plot interspersed with drama and an ample dose of commercial masala. The film will appeal to a wide range of audiences, kids, adults and even the old. A novel film that will definitely rise to the top at the box-office. Definitely worth watching.

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