Krazzy 4

Krazzy 4 to some extent successful in making the cine-goers go completely crazy. The film has undoubtedly some laughing sequences that compel the audience stick to their seats. The compilation of stars like Irrfan Khan, , and in the lead role along with , Dia Mirza had brought the comic element alive on screen.

appeals to common men who like lighter comedy and do not want to crack their mind in serious plot and in actions and stunts. Rakesh Roshan who is popularly known to make action and sci-fic films and employs advanced technology in his films like Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh has experimented comedy for the first time. It seems that he is bit unsure how successful he would be in comedy arena and so to keep the thrill flowing he incorporated not one or two but three item songs in the film. 

As the title suggests there are four comic characters in the film and each one is mad in different ways. Crazy No 1 is Raja () who is crazy about money and unable to control his anger and involves in fighting. Even her reporter girlfriend Dia Mirza (Shikha) failed to control his temper. Crazy No 2 is Dr Mukherjee (Irrfan Khan) who is hunger for power. He tries to become the captain of the team and take over the controlling power but fails to control himself. Crazy No 3 is Gangadhar () who crazily believes in Ahinsa and follows the rules of Mahatma Gandhi in today’s life. Last but not the least Crazy No 4, Dabboo () who never speak at any situation and does what he thinks is right speechlessly. The story encircles among those four mentally imbalance character being treated by Dr Sonali (). Unfortunately, in the city Sonali is kidnapped and the foursome is stranded.

As everybody’s knows, excels in the department of comedy. He has an inborn talent of making people laugh and in also he succeeds in entertaining the mass. Irrfan Khan usually known as an intense actor but he portrayed the comic role flawlessly. is as usual creditable. Even he remained standstill, people laugh whenever he appears on the screen. Though remained speechless, his action is remarkable. is good but she got little scope to enact.  Dia Mirza is up to the mark. Rajat Kapoor and Zaakir Hussain are ok.

Music is good and situational. One of the main attractions of the film is Shahrukh’s, Hrithik’s and Rakhi’s item number. The item numbers are well placed. Competition amongst the three item songs made news but they have been treated equally by the audience and all enjoyed the item songs to the fullest. The songs can drag audience to the theatre.

Jaideep Sen’s direction is appreciable. To work on comedy in the first attempt is a tough job and to some extend he had able to do justice to the script. Screenplay and dialogue by Ashwani Dhir is commendable. Jokes are humorous and enjoyable. Cinematography is fine.

On the whole, is a paisa wasool film with good entertaining elements incorporated in it. People can leave the theatre with a smile on their face and also recall some of the instances later.