KitesFinally, the day has come when all the curiosity surrounding the film has opened up to the audience who are eagerly waiting for the film. Finally ‘’ has seen the light of the day. ’s ‘’ is one of the most anticipated film of the year as many hype and hoopla surrounds it. It is a film that at one point of time took a toll on Hrithik’s personal life. The poster of passionate kiss between and Mexican beauty that hangs in every wall of gallis and mohallas gives one a jerk to watch the romantic drama.

takes care of the factor that the role given to his son very well flaunts his acting and dancing skill. In ‘’, works as a trump card. With this film, it opens his door for international projects. ‘’ is a love story that falls in the lines of ‘Koyla’ and ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’. It is a story of two loving person from two different country unable to understand each other language fall in love with each other. It is a Bollywood film given a Hollywood look. Lust, love, enemy, action, dance, song and high voltage drama together makes ’s ‘’.  The story is high in emotions but also got few low moments.

The story revolves round Jai (), a dance teacher eyes for making quick bucks, Gina (Kangana Ranaut) who is madly in love with Jai and wants him at any cost, Bob (Kabir Bedi) a multi-millionaire, Tony (Nicholas Brown) Gina’s brother and last but not the least is Natasha () who always has the same aim that of Jai.

Jai is a dance teacher and Gina is totally obsessed with him and she expressed her love for Jai. Gina hails from a multi-millionaire family and looking at her family background, Jai accepted her proposal for marriage. Gina introduces Jai to her father Bob and their marriage was fixed. On the other side, Natasha who also has lust for money was getting ready to marry Gina’s brother Tony. When Gina takes Jai to her brother’s engagement, he is surprised to see Natasha who is getting engaged to Tony by the name Linda. Slowly both Jay and Natasha come nearer and they gets physically and mentally attracted to one another.

Since they have broken ties with Tony and Gina, they made them their enemies. In order to save their lives, they run away from them thereby leaving Tony and Natasha aggravated. On the run, the love between Jai and Natasha blossoms and they comes very closer. Another problem they had to face in love is language barrier. Jai knows English and Hindi but Natasha knows only Spanish. Both do not understand each other’s language; they express their love with actions and with high emotions that they carry for one another. The rest of the story forms as how they get over their enemies and live together happily forever.

If the film has positive angles then it is also not devoid of some negative angles. The high quotient of the film is Hrithik’s acting. He was portrayed as a stylish con man. The screenplay was very poor, it was not moving forward and stick to the same point. The first part was very slow but gained momentum in the second half. The maximum use of English language worked against the film as reading subtitles distract one from the story that is rolling.

Speaking about acting, Hrithik rocks in the film. Kangana was ok. Kabir Bedi played his part as per his potential. looked sexy and she was at her best.

On the whole, is a film that would attract a certain section of the society. It has an international appeal and likely to win some accolades from the overseas. It will definitely open the door for Hrithik to act in some Hollywood movies. The film has some lacking and it cannot be rated awesome but has a wooing factor that could appeal the audience to watch it once.