KidnapThe master brain behind super-hit flicks like Dhoom and Dhoom2 director has brought to us his new offering starring , , Minissha Lambha and Vidya Maldave. As it is Sanjay’s third thriller and Imran’s second flick, obviously, the expectation is sky-high. Now the prime question is whether the film stands high in all aspects or it deserves to be thrown in the garbage. Whether Imran been able to spell the word magic correctly once again or he lost some words in some sequences are to be watched.

It may sound harsh but honestly speaking,
spilled water in all the hopes of the audience. It cannot be tagged a romantic flick or a thriller. Everything is very confusing and bizarre. Audience need to find reasons to stick to their seats as the plotline is very poor and the theme is no way appealing and convincing. Being a part of the flick would never bring credits to anyone. When we will find the sole motive behind Imran kidnapping Minissha, we will feel like springing from the seat. There is no depth in its storyline, picturization and characterization. It’s completely void. Some action sequences are unimaginable and you will have the feeling that the director is trying to make you fool.

The story revolves around a young, anguish kidnapper Kabir, played by chocolate tee boy
. Kabir kidnaps Sonia (Minissha Lambha) in order to take revenge from the man who has made his life nothing more than a hell. Sonia’s mother Dr. Mallika (Vidya Malvade) and her father Vikrant Raina (), an affluent New York-based Indian businessman is divorced and Sonia now lives with her mother. A week before her eighteenth birthday celebration, Sonia gets kidnapped.

Worried mother Mallika gets call from the kidnapper who desired to talk with Vikrant. The whole process of kidnapping actually turned out to be a blessing for Sonia’s parents. They became one in rescuing their only lovable daughter. The kidnapping is different in the sense that the kidnapper did ask for any ransom from the victim but asked Vikrant to carry out some illegal tasks.  Vikrant has been asked by this young kidnapper to enter a jail to release a prisoner and again Kabir asked Vikrant to shoot someone in a crowded pub.

On watching the flick, you will get ample scope to bring out its downside. Sonia has been kept as hostage but she was taken to the beach for a bath. Not only that she has also got access to designer outfit and wears sparkling body revealing clothes.

Speaking about the performances,
played his part well. He as a kidnapper shined throughout. He was the main attraction of the flick and the story encircled around him. Minissha Lambha has flaunted her beauty and figure effectively, as far as acting is concerned, she did a promising job. is just OK. Vidya Maldave is competent. Allan Amin’s stunt is horrible. Dialogues are disaster. Pritam’s soundtrack is average.

On the whole,
cannot be touted as a massive entertaining agent. Sanjay Gandhi fails in his attempt to make a mind-blowing thriller. The movie may pull some crowd in the opening weekend but its popularity will fall gradually and box-office collection will also be very low. In one words, we can say is a poor show.