Khatta Meetha

Khatta Meetha and ’s combination always takes the audience by laughter. One still remembers the great laughter riot, ‘Hera Pheri’ and Bhool Bhulaiya’ from Akshay and Priyan. It mesmerized the audience and took the box office with storm. ‘’s is a remake of Malayalam film, ‘Vellanakalude Nadu’(starring Mohanlal and Shobana) by . The film speaks about the corruption of the present society. The film has a social appeal which unfortunately fails to impress the audience. Social cause generally interests the audience but poor script spoil the film. The film has many weak instances which are not accepted from an expert director like . The film lacks interest level. Audiences coming out of the theatres rated the film as very poor. Water spills on their expectation.

The screenplay is very monotonous speaking only about corruption prevailing in the society. At the same time, the film is very loud. The protagonist at any time speaks in a louder voice to protest injustice and to stand that he was right. The film lacks the gripping element. There is no any stimulating instance or no any such captivating moment that could drag the audience to the theatres. The first half is interesting, second half is torturing and the end is maddening. 

The plot revolves around Sachin Tichkule (), a struggling road contractor. He is the son of a retired judge Ramakant Tichkule (Kulbhushan Kharbanda). He lives in a joint family. His family members include his sister Anjali (Urvashi Sharma), college going sister, his elder brother Harish Tichkule who works in partnership with Suhas Vichare (Milind Gunaji), Sachin’s brother-in-law. He too is a road contractor married to Sachin’s second sister.

Sachin has taken the work of road construction in Phalton town. Sachin is an honest person and he does not support bribe. As a result, he has to face a great hurdle in passing his bills. While his counterparts easily gets their work done through unfair means.

Sachin’s brother-in-law Trigun Fatak (Manoj Joshi) is a corrupt chief engineer who works in the municipality. Sachin faces hurdle in office as well as at home. He struggles to get things done. One day, unfortunate stuck and a bridge collapsed due to poor construction thereby taking many lives. Figun, Suhas were responsible for the mishap but they easily passed the blame to Vishwas Rao (Tinu Anand), driver of the Tichkule family and later took his life. Azad Bhagat (Makrand Despande), who lost his wife and children in the accident, determined to divulge the truth behind the accident.

Add to Sachin’s worry is his girlfriend Gehna Ganpule () who is a municipal commissioner of Phalton. She hates him due to past happenings. Gehna does not support bribe or any illegal dealings and this had further enhanced Sachin’s problem, who ardently wants to rise in his career. The rest of the story deals as how Sachin becomes successful.

Director ’s handled some instances with prowess. It can’t help one to bursts into laughter. But poor screenplay has done the damage. Cinematographer V. Manikandan's has done a decent job. Pritam’s music is not too convincing. Dialogues are funny at some scenes.

Speaking about performances, again rules throughout. His acting and get-up was up-to-the- mark. It proves yet again that he is a fantastic actor. Trisha fails to charm the Bollywood fans. Her acting is naïve. Rajpal Yadav delivered a top class performance.

Urvashi Sharma, Makrand Deshpande was just fine. Tinnu Anand is hardly had any part to enact. Aroona Irani is sidelined. Kulbhushan Kharbanda is top-rate. Asrani is outstanding. Manoj Joshi was loud. Same is for Neeraj Vora. Milind Gunaji is just fine.

In the nutshell, ‘’ is tasteless. The film was highly disappointing for and ’s fans.