Kaminey‘Kaminey’ by is a path-breaking film. In the past, Vishal has showed his prowess in telling stories of mafia, corrupt politician, drugs and all nasty things of the present society  but with ‘Kaminey’, he has proved his caliber in scripting and delivering a tough subject with rightness.

Dealing with subjects of mafia, underworld, cocaine require a great thinking and extensive research which
has done and the outcome has been exceptional. ‘Kaminey’ was one of the most anticipated films of the year and the film has been able to stand up to the expectation of the audience. As the film opens, audience will find little difficult to catch it but after 20 minutes, they will able to hold the nerve of the film and then immediately they will stick to their seat and fasten your belt to explore the world of goons and two brothers. The sound 'Dhan Te Nan’ becomes the sacred song of the film and from now Kaminey will be recognized with this mystic.

The film will give you a unique experience. In the past, numerous times you may have viewed cinema of gangsters and underworld mafia but ‘Kaminey’ is deviated from all those and you have to see it to believe it. It is a film that requires some intelligence and not a type of film that indicates you to leave your brain back at home. The film will remain in your memory for long as you step out of the theatre.

Vishal has given Shahid Kapur a well deserved hit of which he was in need for long.

The story is about two brothers, Charlie and Guddu (played by Shahid Kapur) they are identical twins but dissimilar in speaking habits, behavior and approach towards life. If Charlie lisps then Guddu stammers. They can’t stand each other but their path collided one rainy night and they fall in deep trouble.

Charlie gets mixed up with dirty mess of drugs and underworld while Guddu who works for an NGO spreading AIDS awareness gets to realize the love of his life Sweety (
) with whom he is forced to love and marry not out of love but out of fear of Sweety’s politician brother Bhope Bhau (Amol Gupte).

From there on the life of both the brothers take a U-turn and they messed up with gangsters, corrupt politicians, crooked cops etc. The two brothers run to protect themselves, their love and their dreams. After all mayhem, they finally discovered love for each other.

‘Kaminey’ will take sometime to impress you and to carry away with it but no sooner, you discover the charm, you are into the world of
’s story. There are so many characters in the film that Vishal took sometime to warp up those at the end but finally he does well. Tassaduq Hussain's cinematography is top notch. The dialogues, music scored by Vishal are commendable.

Speaking about performances, Shahid Kapur took a big leap with this film. To perform dual character with rare habits is not a matter of joke but he has done remarkably well and the hard work he has put to live up the characters was noticeable.
was first grade; she well played the character of a Marathi girl. Her Maharashtrian accent was superb. Amole Gupte was terrific as a performer. Tenzing Nima and Chandan Roy Sanyal deserve credit. Shiv Subrahmanyam and Hrishikesh Joshi too deserve accolades.

On the whole, ‘Kaminey’ is a well made film by a talented director. Cine-goers will just enjoy watching a totally out of the usual track film. It will be definitely enjoyed by all but sorry for the Mumbaikars as the city is badly stricken by the Swine flu but need not to worry, it will be taken like a storm as soon as the theatres re-open. Box office is really having a gala time with lined up of hits.